Animals & their abilities?

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  1. My cat just amazed me, but not with a physical ability. See I was relaxing on my bed, but not sleeping and my cat just comes over, purring in my face and goes to lie down next to me. He's all purr purr pretty loudly and I swear he was like gonna sleep or something. Then someone comes into my room with some bad news and makes me very nervous..... too nervous to stay put. I had to get up & then I was all worried. I looked at my cat for like a sec and then I'm out of my room suddenly. I swear he was still about to sleep. So I'm in my living room pacing and I see my cat out here as well, looking at me. I think he can totaly sense how I'm doing/feeling. He's come to me before when I was sitting around worried but quietly worried. He just appears for no reason like he knows how I'm feeling somehow and has come to help.
  2. Terry

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    My cat always comes up and nuzzles me if I'm crying or upset. Animals are wonderful..they always know when you need a hug or some input.
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    I guess I must get a pet raccoon someday!
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    aww my cat is like that too, bless him <3 :)
    Whenever someone is sick, he always stays by them, sits on their lap and stuff (which he doesnt usually do) or if I'm sad it's like he's there to cheer me up. Aww I love cats!
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    Didn't realize cats can be so good????
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    My cat does the same thing...she is so intuitive. Doggie on the other hand (bless his black little heart) just doesn't get it. Seems like whenever I have a crisis he wants to go out or play with his toys or bother me in some other way :) Maybe he's just trying to distract me or something and I love him to death, but kitty is way more in tune with my emotions.
  7. Esmeralda

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    One thing my dog does that is great...We got tiny doggie when our cat was 10 years old. She was not pleased with the new arrangements, but has learned to enjoy it in her own way. We were just teaching the puppy (6 lbs. then) how to ask when he needs to go out for potty time. So we took the advice off the web and hung a little bell on the door for him to ring with his paws or nose when he had to go.

    He was doing great, and getting really good with the bell.

    One day, kitty decided to terrorize puppy. She loves to chase him around the apartment and she can totally kick his little ass. So she was chasing him into the hall (where the door with the bell is) and just casually laid at the exit, trapping him by the door and loving every minute of it.

    I sat and watched the spectacle, wondering what would happen next. Puppy paced a little bit, cat did not move. Puppy whined a little bit, cat did not move. Suddenly, puppy gets a brilliant idea. Puppy starts ringing the bell on the door like crazy with his little paws, while looking over his shoulder at the cat, to make sure she was staying put. Then puppy looks at me (a.k.a. "Mommy") and the pace of the ringing grows frenzied.

    Poor little guy, I just had to rescue him at that point, with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

    What a smart little guy to know that when he rings the bell, Mommy will come to save the day! :)
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    Animals are very sensitive to our feelings. They know when things are not right for us and try in their own way to provide comfort. Sometimes they even sense medical conditions before we even know we have them. They are wonderful creatures.
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    When a relative on my dad's side passed away a long while ago, they went to the cemetery for the first time and his then dog ran straight to the grave.

    When my dads first wife was ill I think I remember my dad telling me his then dog would sit by his wifes bedside constantly.

    When my dad was really ill a few years ago, our dog would make a fuss and sit next to him constantly.

    When I was in school my dog would sit by the door around 3:30pm waiting for me to get home.

    When I'm upset or ill my dog seems to notice and puts his head on my lap or sits near me staring at me.

    My dog always goes to bed when my dad does (his bed is in the same room as my dads), and he's sitting on the lift at 10pm every night waiting for my dad.

    I know all this sounds unbelievable. But it's the honest truth. I do believe dogs (and other animals) have abilities and senses that us humans don't have.

    There's been a few news stories lately of a cat who sits next at a patients bedside when they know the patient is going to die. When the cat sits next to the bed the nursing staff contact the next of kin to get them to the hospital before it's too late. The cat was right most of the time, out of about 70 cases, I think. Can't remember off hand. Anyway, yeah. I do believe animals have abilities humans don't have.
  10. pisces-music-girl

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    My doggie- who's featured in my avatar- is the most amazing dog.

    He always knows when I'm upset- even if I'm faking being okay, like yesterday. The second I walked in the door he came running towards me, practically attacked me and would not leave me alone for hours. :biggrin:

    I do believe that animals have special abilities. If I'm ever reincarnated I wanna be an animal. :cool:
  11. I was pounding away at the keyboard in a rage or whatever earlier. Now my cat is following me around the house, always in the same room with me. He's gonna be 11 in october. He's pretty f-in wise. He's practically right by my side since I posted all that s***. I don't believe that he is my only reason to go on. I'm going crazy 'cause my bro with the mental problems is screaming his lungs out like it's his last chance on earth to. The place I live and the people I'm with are no good for my sanity, or what's left of it. But I can't leave my cat with these people either to go anywhere inpatient. Funny. Intended as a family pet they quickly tired of him as he grew and now he's mine alone. They neglect him, too caught up in their own worlds. That's so sad. But I'm here for him. I hope that I will always be...
  12. Smashed__

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    I miss my dog who was like a shadow, he was so intuitive. He was always there when I cryed. he was there for me through my parents divorce too.

    I have ferrets and dogs, and one of my ferrets will crawl up onto the bed and snuggle if i'm not feeling well. she just seems to know. unlike the others she doesn't run around all crazy.