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Anime - Welcome y'all!


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I see that Urusei Yatsura has returned. Not sure about this as I think it's one of the weakest shows by Rumiko Takahashi. Ranma was the work that first got me into manga (only cos I fancied Shampoo!), Maison Ikkoku was good, Mermaid Forest was fantastic (the TV series was better than the OVAs which were also good). Can see why the show will be popular though, people love nostalgia.


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Summertime Rendering is awesome! Usually I'm like "Anime were so much better when I was a lad, before these new fangled DVD thingies came out", but this is even better than Vampire Hunter D and Fist of the North Star!

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I will check it out again @Ziggy - It wasn't on Crunchyroll streaming service I think. Good to hear about your experience with the new(er) anime! :D


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Cheers for that. Hell's Paradise has got my interest as it's come from Mappa studios (who did Dororo - yay!). Bureau of Paranormal Investigation may be worth a watch too, I haven't watched Chinese Anime in the past (and I know some people would go 'Ohh, well it can't be Anime then') but I could be missing out on some good shows I guess. I wonder if NieR: Automata will come to crunchyroll? People reckon there's a good chance.

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