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  1. Lone_walker

    Lone_walker Well-Known Member

    I just thought i'd make a random thread called Anime....
    Believe it or not, this thread is to talk about anime! I don't believe i've seen one, so here it is ^^
    Shall I start off then?
    What's your favourite anime series?
  2. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    Some of my favorites are Death Note, Claymore and DNAngel. I'm really picky when it comes to anime, though.

    How about you, OP? I'm guessing Bleach is one of them.
  3. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    otaku here! :D

    favourite huh...damn, that's a hard one really. series or movie? i liked naruto, before it was shippuden, cause gaara looked so cute (ok, still does). :D and bleach, cause of chad, of course. i like "old" animes such as cowboy bebop, dragonball, sailor moon or samurai champloo. i watched (and still sometimes rewatch) vampire knight, code geass, fairy tail, karin,death note, fma etc. i haven't seen one piece, and i'm really proud of that. :D

    and i'm in love with miyazaki, i love ALL of his movies. <3

    and i hate dubbed anime. <.<
  4. Lone_walker

    Lone_walker Well-Known Member

    Yeah Avarice, you're right, Bleach is one of my favourites ^^
    I would say my Top Five are kinda like this (no particular order):
    -DN Angel
    -Fruits Basket
    -Full Metal Panic
    -Naruto (+ Shipuuden)
  5. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    i only read fruits basket (manga), have downloaded the anime. gonna start watching it this week. :)
  6. Lone_walker

    Lone_walker Well-Known Member

    I was surprised, I really liked Fruits Basket!
  7. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    Ooooh, too many I like, some anime series::laugh:

    Azumanga Daioh
    Burst Angel
    Comic Party
    Gunslinger Girl
    Serial Experiment Lain

    And 2 great movies::yay:
    Cowboy BeBop- Knocking on Heaven's Door
    Perfect Blue
  8. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    D. Gray man (fav)
    Godchild (fav)
    Fairy cube
    Black rock shooter

    Still trying to find some more serious mangas.
    Don't watch animes anymore really.
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  9. Tim.

    Tim. SF Emoti-King

    I really like 'Trigun.' I have the series on DVD and have watched it several times. And while normally I don't like dubbed movies or TV shows, I prefer the English voice actors in Trigun.

    I'm also pretty much with Romancer on the Miyazaki movies.

    I don't think I've watched much other anime though. Maybe I should?
  10. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    i always forget some anime, and then when you post i remember *sigh* there's d gray man, loveless, princess princess, and oh my, so much i have to what kinda anime are you? any yaoi/yuri fans? :D
  11. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    I've seen all of Death Note and love it. I've seen some of Inuyasha and love it to.
    I'm wanting to also start watching Hell Girl cause it looks interesting to me.
    I don't watch to many shows, but I do love Anime. :)
  12. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    Aha I like yaoi. Its cute. ;D yuri doesn't bother me
    But. I don't really like it. I have my 2 fav mangas
    Basically. I grew out of a lot of animes. Like inuyasha
    Rurouni kenshin..clamp stuff. You know. The old stuff.
    I'm not crazy about it anymore like when I was 12
    But I've seen a lot of anime growing up
    Cowboy bebop still doesn't grow old
  13. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    i was at a anime/manga convention and this girl had a badge saying "bad uke, go to my room!" ...her boyfriend had a tshirt with a simple YAOI written on it. <3
  14. 1izombie

    1izombie Well-Known Member

    The only one i ever really watched was death note and i loved and by some other posts im not the only one... on a side note hollywood are making a death note movie which should be interesting to see if they fuck it up or not...
  15. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    the japanese death note is pretty good.
  16. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    Hell Girl was good but stopped after about 15 episodes, started to get a bit repetitive,:huh: would recommend it though, think it's one you need to watch half of it, take a break, then go back and finish it.:duck:
  17. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    yeah japanese with english subs is better
    than the english dubbed one they showed on tv.
    saw the movie...but misa didnt even have blonde hair
    i dont think light did either. >: well brown hair i mean
  18. 1izombie

    1izombie Well-Known Member

    yeah the live action one was meh but still good which makes me interested in what the hollywood version is going to be like...
  19. FTGNMP

    FTGNMP New Member

    Last Exile is good, and i like a lot of Yu Watase's stories and Claymore is amazing
  20. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    I was one of those kids who ate, slept, and breathed Dragonball Z and Pokemon in the late nineties/early oughts. Actually, I'm still a bit of a Pokenerd to this day. I really liked Death Note too, though I didn't see all of it.

    I've been watching Clannad lately. It's very good if you like shows that make you cry; it can be a major tear-jerker.

    Oh, and there's a little movie called "Five Centimeters Per Second" that I absolutely adore. If you enjoy a good bittersweet love story like I do (with downright GORGEOUS artwork to boot), I can't recommend it highly enough.
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