Ann Coulter completely bunkers!

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  1. morning rush

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    That woman is retarded. I can't believe that she still has her job in conservative politics. She should be fired and sent to a mental hospital...seriously she gives canada and us good people a bad name and she's a shameful human being, I can't believe she can live with all the bullshit that comes out of her mouth and she doesnt stop to think that bitch!

    Here are some ludicrous quotes she's said:

    one of them is about how the money spending went sky high the moment women were allowed to vote and that she wished we went back to when only men voted....:blink: WHAT? maybe she's too stupid to realise that if that were the case, she'd be a big nobody, washing the house and taking care of gazilion children, so....she owes progress her job..I swear that woman's a dimwit...

    and to students she told them that all muslims were terrorists and that they should be ban from flying by planes, that they should use their flying carpet.... yeah, she really said that and was serious too...when a muslim student told her he didnt have a flying carpet she told him to get a camel....:blink:

    how can she still be in charge of politics is beyond me....and apparently all 7 of her written books are best sellers, so who are the idiots helping her gain power???

    I swear, people like that should be exiled, emprisoned or I dont know, but they are anything but beneficial for our society...
  2. perry_mason

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    umm you do know that Ann Coulter is not "in charge of politics" dont you?
    she is not in anyway an elected official of any government.

    she is basically a 'talking head' (aka a pundit).

    thankfully though, she has every right to voice her opinion and people have every right to support her and buy her books.

    if anything, people in Canada are giving themselves a bad name by trying to censor her.

    and btw, im not a fan of hers but i support her right to free speech and get annoyed at hypocritical people saying she is 'hateful' then calling her ugly, a man, a bitch, etc.
  3. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    wow that is sad....I can't believe I found a supporter of her...the world has gone bunkers

    After going on the net to figure out who she is, I was relieved to know she aint canadian...sheesh...I should have known....

    this is from wikipedia:

    Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist.

    and so to get things clear, I googled what is a political commentator:

    A pundit is someone who offers to mass-media his or her opinion or commentary on a particular subject area

    yea just another regular idiot voicing her close minded oppinion to society...and I'm sorry but some oppinions do hurt the whole of the world and her statements ARE NOT helpful one bit...she would help the world a great deal if she just shut the f*** up...

    and as for your comment about sensoring her, I think were doing the world a one needs to hear her bullshit...
  4. perry_mason

    perry_mason Well-Known Member

    i dont support her, i just dont agree that her views (however wrong that they may be) should be censored.

    her comments (i cant remember the exact quote) after 9/11 about invading the middle east and converting them all to christians is laughable at best and i dont agree with it but i still support the fact that she could say it.

    also people like fred phelps are assholes and i hate what they do but i tolerate the fact that they can do it (even though i find it somewhat hard to support).

    i was hoping for a decent reply but it seems like you are the one who is bonkers (i dont think its 'bunkers' btw) about this.

    i wouldnt worry too much about her, if you dont like her, just dismiss the issue and forget about her.
  5. SuicideIsTheWrongOption

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    ann coulter is to the US as bin laden is to the afghans.

    If bin-ladens was in the US, and he has been on many occasions, guests of a few presidents (can you guess who? i'll give you a clue, he was president during 9/11) then he would have every right to speak just as loudly as ann coulter.

    I love freedom of speech, it's great, cause without hatemongers in our society, then who would we look to when we try to figure out who's the biggest jackass?