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    My sister just celebrated her 29th wedding anniversary. Other friends are celebrating their 30th + wedding anniversaries. My divorce came 8 years ago 7 days before my what would have been the 25th wedding anniversary. I wish I could be happy for my sister and my friends but all I feel is a deep longing for celebrating just one anniversary with my ex. I feel envious and that is not how I should feel. I feel lonely in that I have not had a good relationship with anyone since the divorce (1 stalker relationship which I had to end).

    I can't even wish Happy anniversary to them I feel so miserable. I realize things are down because of work but even with work going well I am envious.

    Just had to vent.
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    I'm sorry you feel that way. I can understand that feeling though... it's a human emotion isn't it?
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    Hi Cymbele, I am sorry you are feeling this way. Keep yourself occupied and your thoughts will lessen or get yourself out there and meet someone new and interesting. I can relate to feeling envious, I feel envious too regarding my sister's lives. If you ever need to talk feel free to message me *big hugs*
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    Yes I can understand, it is hard. Accept that the envy of others and disappointment for yourself are natural emotions. You feel how you feel and there is nothing wrong with any feeling. Don't feel bad about having feelings you don't like, only evaluate your actions (hope that makes sense ie. I'm guessing you didn't tell these people they suck, it's not fair etc lol)
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    I'm at the point in my life that too many friends are done with their grad school, having kids, getting divorces, marrying etc....less and less friends I can identity with being completely single without a kid in the picture I just think sometimes we all got our prices to pay no matter what point in our lives we are at. You might be envious of those anniversaries what about everyone else that never got to experience any of those? Just sayin
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    so sorry you feel this way hugs feel free to pm me anytime
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