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  1. The end of July is always a hard time for me; when I was 7, my next door neighbour sexually abused and raped me.
    I don't remember all that happened and I'm half hoping I'll never know. I see "him" almost every day and right now it isn't helping.
    I'm really struggling with urges to SI and having regular flashbacks and nightmares.
    I'm not sure what the point of this post is, I guess I just wanted to get it out because I can't talk about it in real life and it is a really difficult time for me.

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    Yeah, the anniversary month is always kinda haunting. It must be really hard still seeing him everyday.. :sad: Feel free to PM me, sometimes talking helps. :hug:
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    Sooo sorry - I have a hard time at the anniversaries of the rapes too...Gets hard to make it thru the day. Having to see him must make it worse. :hug:

    I hope that writing it out helps you, that is what I do. I am struggling with the fact that one of my children wants to plan their wedding on the day I was first raped when i was little...I can't tell them why I hate that date...It is hard when there is something that hurts that can't be let out. That is when I have to find a constructive outlet or I might resort to more destructive choices that I don't want. Take care of yourself and know there are those who understand and care.
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