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    I'm feeling abit annoyed. It's not reasonable, obviously. It's also selfish, of that I am aware of. But what the hell.

    I see someone make something of obviously lesser quality than a similar thing which I have made. And yet, they get cheered, they get positive attention and comments. Atleast I bother to give it some effort. What, I'm to be the "mature" one? Why the shit do they not have the same standards put upon them? Oh, "they can't help it"? Then don't fucking well reward them. Stupidity is not a "gift" or bad luck- Sure, you can be born better, but unless you're actually retarded, there is no excuse but incompetance. I'm not asking for you to be some child prodigy, I'm just asking you NOT TO BE SO GOD-DAMN STUPID. You can't be bother to even TRY to capitalise? To use sodding ENGLISH, you moonspeaking little rodent? Oh, you are? It's impossible to tell, dimwitted heap of ooze. Nothing personal, though. I just find everything I've seen you made completely lacking everything positive. And there's more than one of you.

    Pardon my french, grammar, and typos.
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    God grammar is not the important issue here. NO no no what is important is someone releasing their pain. As long as the thought is being release, the emotion is brought to front who the hell cares about grammar. There is more important things to be upset about but then if that whats upset you I am glad you were able to vent and release your anger here. Good for you i hope venting got rid of some of your agitation and annoyance.