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Annoyed and fuming.


University Student
I don’t like going out
I don’t leaving the house unless have to.
I dislike socialising

what is so hard you can’t understand that sentence? it just makes my blood boil that people can’t respect my boundaries and why i prefer quiet insulated, self quantantined, Social distant, self isolating shielding whatever word you call it.
I ain’t sitting there all depressed about a load of problems, I have got depression there is big difference and no staying isn't going to make feel 300 times worse but convincing me everyday I should leave the poxy house and do poxy activities when ive decided I am staying in.
yeah it is annoying as hell, I've found similar most of my life. I like going out sometimes, but nowhere near as much as others and yet so many people try to convince me to be an extrovert and stuff and I just wish they would accept that I'm not like that and dont want to be and there's nothing wrong with being the way I am. I don't know why so many people have it in their heads that you must go out a lot or be an extrovert and if you dont then you need fixing/changing *confused

Optimistic Goatman

The woolly enigmatic one
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Yeah, it can be really irritating when people assume that just because being by themselves makes them feel worse, it must work the same for you. There are just some of us who function better without the added strain of dealing with other people. *hug

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