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    I think its time for new friends. I have a select number of friends that I keep close but lately I find it hard to trust or talk to them. I wish there was someone I could just talk with and be myself to. I have this one friend who constantly talks about my life problems to others and brings it up whenever we hang out. I suffer from a addictive past with gambling and dropped out of school because of it. He always brings this up and I just want to punch him in his face. He constantly asks me how do I cope now that I'm broke and out of school. His father died two months ago and I offered my support to him. I have always been a good friend to him helping him move, stuck up for him when my other friend was teasing him about his new girlfriend.

    :mad: Just needed to rant.
  2. Crue-K

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    I would punch him in the face, he sounds like a knob head. :ninja:
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    I know the feeling, my small circle of friends mostly don't even want to know my problems and those that do just try to turn everything I say around to be about them. When I told my friend about how me and my boyfriend of 10 months were probably going to split up and how depressed it made me feel, he started going on about how he knew how I felt because he felt the same when his girlfriend of a week dumped him. Hello?! Friends like that and those you describe aren't worth having, as you seem to know. It's not easy making new friends but it's worth the wait for some good ones to come along. I wish you luck with finding new friends, and hope that when you do that they're the best friends you could ask for.