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Anonymous ?!?

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Ok sorry, but i have so fucking enough off this. You want to hide it from people who can see right through it and know its you. Just stop it, I got this message today, that someone was all worried I posted that I wanted to end it. And that isnt the first time something like that happened.
Please, just post under your name, because its just getting annoying, conusing and I dont even want to take them serious anymore. And it is fucking serious. I just dont want to make a mistake. I know its that person, but I can be wrong and give someone wrong advice or whatever.
Its just, everyone calls eachother friends, stop hiding, we know its you anyway, maybe not that fast, but they will find out its you. Really, we all already have a hard time, why make things more difficult for you and the rest? I want honesty. How painfull, beautyfull, sad whatever it might be, it can give people the wrong thoughts and ideas. And i know i'm not the only one who feels like this. And I have done it too a couple of times. But I think its just better not to go anonymous. We support, help, talk etc, thats what this forum is for, we wont go mad if you will be honest. So, please, I hope you will consider this.


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I totally agree with you blub. It is one thing to post anonymously on occasion or to protect you identity. But when the posts become anonymous more regularly than the regular posts, and everyone knows, or thinks they can guess who it is, it does become a problem. i take each post and thread seriously as someone may truly need the help. I feel that others are being compromised as some people have begun to ignore posts and threads. Maybe I should not be saying anything, but felt what you had to say has a great deal of validity. thank you for having the courage to state what many are feeling, but were afraid to say.
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