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i hate it! im still struggling with anorexia... i dont know if its bad enough to get treatment.. i really dont think it is... I dont eat for several days... then i eat again.... i feel it will get better as my therapy progresses....so im waiting it out... I just wanted to let everyone here know that i am dealing with this, and if anyone else is its ok to share it here.... thanks :D


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Not eating for several days is not good - I don't know if it's a good idea to "wait it out" because you might be starving yourself of the nutrition your body needs in order to function properly. Do you really want to lose so much weight? Also, the longer you wait, the worse it might get. I know it's a struggle to see a true picture of oneself, but perhaps you could ask someone who you trust what they think. Eating disorders generally stem from self esteem issues so talking to your therapist would be a good idea. Try to recognise the thought patterns that head you in the direction of not eating for several days - the more you do this, the harder it may be to break out of it. It sounds as if you would rather not suffer from anorexia, so go out and get all the help you need.

All the best,
- Lost


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I have to agree with Lost, your starving your body of nutrients it needs each day, and going several days without eating, cant be healthy. Does your therapist know how long you go without food?? I have just the opposite problem myself, I eat for comfort, so I know its a struggle, but please dont wait it out, I dont want things to get worse for you.

Love ya and BIG HUGS


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thanks you guys for caring so much about me.... i know this is an issue i have to reslove... my therapist doesnt know about my not eating... i think i will discuss it with him soon... Love you guys


I agree with lost and Jodi. Not eating on a continual basis can do your body damage over time from malnutrition. I know it must be hard to tell your therapist about, but I really hope you do. I wouldn't want you to get sick from it. You have all of our support and backing, keep up the fight against it. Take care of yourself :)
hey, i am anorexic too lyndsey. you guys make it seem like it is so worng. At this instant, i havent eaten in 4 days. I also have a problem though that could lead to belimia..sp? whenever i do eat i feel like i am going to throw up. so, i have no idea what i am going to do.


Well its going on for the past few months(8) now...stoped eating for days and when i started again its not staying down at all..
But cant get myself to go and get some help in rl...heard about this through a friend and hope you guys can help,


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you need to get help, if you cant eat anything at all without throwing up then you need to get help... your body is going to eventually shut down and then you will be forced to go to the hospital. Im anorexic, but i also know what my body does need to survive..... you atleast have to eat every few days without throwing it up... maybe if you feel more comfortable, just make a regular doctors check up and then discuss it with him then... hope you find some help...
not to be rude or anything,
But i feel that you dont really know what it feels like to be anorexic unless you have been. THe same with self harm. You can't give us true help unless you actually know what we are going through. I am 14 and i weigh 109 lbs. I am 5' 6" and i at the moment am in the hospital (with my handy dandy laptop) I am in here because my mother decided that since i am suicidal, she doesnt want me to live near her. i am going to be shipped off to some place in a week where i might not be able to talk to you guys anymore. Lyndsey, try hard to over come this and everyone else who is anorexic and reads this, get help whether it is a parent or someone here. You shouldnt have to go through this alone like i am. :(

Hey everyone i'm new to this site. I am anorexic too. I got diagnosed with it about 2 weeks ago. My parents and therapist are very scared. im 4' 5" (super short for my age) and i weigh 65 lbs. they say if i dont get better that im going to the hospital. Im scared. i feel like im in a lose lose situation. cause either i have to eat (its so hard to eat when you only ey 290 calories a day) or i have to go to the hospital. im here for anyone who wants to talk about anorexia. also, does anyone know what they do to you when you go to the hospital for anorexia? im sorry and im here for anyone who is going through this too.
I'm shocked (feartheclowns)
How dare you say such a thing...
the sevarity of anorexia is diverse don't accuse others of not having it...
It is nasty to say such rude things...
same for self harming...
wheather someone meerly punches themselves in the head or cuts themselves it is all self harm.. not eating for four days is self harm...

I am 165cm tall
I weigh 75KG
sometimes i go 5 days without eating...
and i have been like this for several months...
it is still self harm and anorexia does have various stages...

this forum is a place where people come for support not to be slandered...
this all might sound harsh but someone had to say it...
try getting support we are all here to support eacother through the hard times...
this is not a place to play phsycologist.
If you need help because you feel you are too harsh on others then so be it...
I probobly need to do a bit of that myself...

take care everyone...

sora yori

Im anorexic too. Been for 2 years or so i dont really keep the counting. But I feel like its getting worse.
I wouldnt look bad if i just lost a couple of pounds and i know i need to lose it to not be overweight.
So today i bought these acai berries and i started to working out again, but im scared that i wont be able to stop and over do it . I dont know how to tell my mum or anyone i feel like i want to keep it myself or i donno :(
Ive also been so obssesd with thinspo videos and i cant stop watching them, thin pretty girls, i wanna be like them :'(
hey liz,
thinspo is so triggering. try your hardest not to look at them, delete them off of your bookmarks and dont search them on youtube. it's hard but you wont be able to control your urges to restrict calories if you dont. :hug: i am still struggling with it.


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I see a shrink about grief issues, and she noticed my lack of weight, and just lectures me. She says "I am a doctor, blah blah blah blah", "Hello, can't you see what you are doing to your body blah blah blah", "I don't understand you", "Are you doing this to make me frustrated?", "I have real concerns about you".

Wasn't really helpful.

Once she asked me to get on the scales, I didn't want to, too embarassing so she got on, and I had to show her how to work the scales!!! She then weighed herself and compared it with my weight, and asked me if I thought she was overweight.
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ughh... -___-

I find my ED to be all about myself. Trying to compare my weight to someone elses weight doesn't do anything for me at all.
I've got plenty of larger friends, and smaller friends as well; I don't class them as being too fat or too thin though.
The number I see on the scale infront of me just doesn't make me feel good... and because I dislike *myself*, I will purge and 'feel' like I'm fat and unattractive.

I guess some people see ED's in plain black and white; as if it's something that we can just stop doing easily. It's a learned habit, and not something that's easy to see and understand about ourselves.
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