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another apology

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it's the fear

I'm terribly sorry, I mean it.

I've been trying to help everyone. Or at least as many people as I could. Even more people than I could, actually. I don't care about how I am, as long as SF members are okay.

At this moment I dont know it anymore though. I feel as if I can't even post my own feelings as myself anymore, since I get the strong feeling that since people know I've kinda had a breakdown, they don't talk to me anymore about their pain and sorrow. I don't want people to stop telling me their worries to save me. Apparently they don't get that they're hurting me even more this way.

It's like I'm slowly dying inside. Part of me is doing better than before, but the other part is doing worse than ever. I wonder how long my "better" part will keep winning this battle...

I'm so sorry.


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Don't be sorry. Try to sign back on as yourself so those that know you can help and you can help them.

Make sure you get all the help there is to continue having the "better" part of you succeed and remember we are still here for you.
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