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another bad day

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i have had another bad day i had to go to the doctor because my health is bad (as per usual) and we have a heat wave so me being stuck on a bus with people coughing on me isnt good (and its gross) so not only do i have to deal with being travel sick i also have to try and not get ill again oh great. I'm feeling completely miserable i haven't been out of the house in a month well that was until today and that was only because i had to plus I'm very anti social so whatever little time i spend around others the better.i was speaking to a friend yesterday and i ended up opening my big mouth and screwing things up i suppose he ended up feeling that i didn't consider him a real friend because we have never met and i suppose i ended up putting my foot in my mouth making matters worse i relly should of just shut up when i had the chance because im down to two friends now i really do end up screwing things up for myself.

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i hope your friends come around hun if theydon't then i think they were not that great of a friend in the first place. Ihope once you get home you can get some much needed rest. hugs
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