Another bad night

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by robroy, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I'm feeling very alone and I can't sleep. My close friend still won't talk to me, which feels like a betrayal, even though I'm the one who hurt her, even if was by not thinking. It hurts just to hear my friends laughing and talking without me. I don't know when this feeling will end, hopefully by morning. I was always there for her, but the one time I reached out to her she turns her back on me, says she needs space and that she doesn't have the energy. It doesn't feel fair, but maybe this is what I deserve I can't tell. No need to respond to this I should feel better by morning but I need to get these feelings off my chest if I want to sleep at all tonight. All the loneliness just hurts too bad and all I want is to feel cared about by someone.
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    robroy, I know that you said we didn't "have" to respond, I hope that you don't mind if I do! I know that sometimes when people respond it brings that issue I was feeling up again, if it happens now I am sorry! I am sorry that you feel betrayed, I have felt that I was too in a way, but she would never do that to me, she died! I can still hear her laughter, talking an I imagine her having fun! but it still hurts that she left me! Did I deserve that? No! the same answer applies to you, we never can know what is going to happen, so many things that we can't predict! Imagine what life would be like it we could?
    I just found this post of yours, I was coming or going, I am not sure which right now, to post some of my shitty, messed up feelings and I saw this post that you made Tues. Not one person in here deserves even a 10th of one percent of what they get put through, in fact they don't deserve any of it! It is just the way life is but it hurts badly just the same, I am sorry that you at your age, again that anyone at any age has to go through these trials we do! I hope robroy that you will get through these trials you are being put through an come out the other side better for it! To answer again for you! No You do not deserve what you get! I can tell! I hope you did sleep well that night You deserve it, you need it! Take care of yourself! PLEASE!
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    Thanks Leigh, yeah I eventually got to sleep last night, I just really needed to vent. I'm starting to just pretend she doesn't exist until she stops being angry at me, not out of spite but just becuse it hurts to much to care. Thanks for responding anyways though Leigh I always appreciate hearing from you.:)