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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Righteous, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Whats up guys? You may have heard that the suicide rates are rising among black people. For a long time people have have had the misconception that black people don't kill themselves. Well, recently we have seen time after time that ths is a lie. People of any race can commit suicide. I just hope that I'm not the next black male to kill myself.

    The reason I won't to die is because I can't find a decent paying job. Right now I work at a car rental company that only pays $7.50 an hour. Some of u may feel that this is not a good reason to commit suicide but it is depressing when you're not financially secure. I tried to go to college but I'm not really that much of a book smart person. I tried really hard to get a degree.

    And see, that's what I hate about life. It seems that everything is about money. The trouble is, everyone doesn't have equal access to make good money. A lot of people don't want to help u either. I just don't understand why these billion dollar corporations. don't want 2 pay a decent salary. I don't really care about being rich, I just want 2 make enough money 2 have my own house, a decent car, and be able 2 take care of a family.

    I'm 23 years old and I can't go on living financially miserable. Because it seems that if u don't have money, u can't live happy. And time is constantly moving. I definitely don't want 2 be a 40 year old man with no money. And I know its not fair, but its also hard 2 get a woman when u don't have any money.

    This world is just too evil. I'd rather go 2 the afterlife and live in peace with God. And no I do not believe that God will send u 2 hell if u commit suicide. If I can get a good job I will live, if not then I will have 2 die so my soul can rest.
  2. StangerInAStrangeLand

    StangerInAStrangeLand Well-Known Member

    Howdy Righteous,

    The first good paying job I ever had was in construction as an apprentice electrician - they make lots of good money (enough to impress women with anyway). You can find a training center for electrical here: or if you are interested in plumbing (they make very good money as well): . Any job with unions in your area can net you some good money - just thought I'd pass this info onto you since you wanted to know where to find a good paying job - they'll even train you if your starting from scratch.

    I started at $11.50/hr first period apprentice (greenhorn).

    As far as feeling suicidal/depressed goes - it can affect anyone no matter their race, religion, or creed. I agree the world can be a pretty evil place - but surely there is someplace in it that rests on pure joy (it can't be suffering and pain everywhere). As far as not having companionship because of economic situation - I can tell you that you are not alone, a number of men (including myself) are in that same boat.

    If you want to commiserate or vent about things, feel free to PM or IM me - or if you have questions about the union work.
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  3. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I understand how you feel. I am 51 and had a good paying job, a house, a fiance, and people who loved me. well I had a nervous breakdown and lost all that. The only job I could find was stocking shelves at K---t.
    Have you tried a vocational school where you just study for the position you want to apply for. Just wanted to let you know I here you and I am sure others will too. Good luck...:chopper:...
  4. sweetsweet

    sweetsweet Well-Known Member

    Righteous, I'm glad you brought the suicde rate among black youths. I think it is something that is overlooked. I found out the fact from a psycology book I was reading. In fact I thkink suicife is overlooked period. I had a Caucasian asssociate committ suicide and all they had was a pic of him mentioning his funeral. I wouldn't have known how he passed if my mom hadn't told me about it. Like many people I felt regret because even though I didn't know him too well, I feel like I could have mention something that would have helped him and made him realize he wasn't the only one. Seems like when I look back on it, the people I would want to talk to most are gone.
  5. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    Hey there.

    I really understand how financial problems can make someone feel this way. Many people see no way out of them, but really there are many. You have to look at it this way, you have a job at the moment, it might not be a very well paid job or even the job you want, but it's a job. What you need to do is sit down and allocate yourself some thinking time. Make a list of all the good points about you, the points an employer might look for. Write down what skills and qualifications you have and what kind of things you want to do with them. Don't reach too high first off, just look at you as a person.
    Also you hae to define what you see as a decent job, make sure you are not going too far out of what you can do.

    Then you can begin to match this list up with some jobs. There is no harm in applying for a job you like the sound of and think you can do, it is up to the employer to decide if they will take you on or not, all you have to do is be yorself, there is no point in doing anything else, just be you, be honest, and be prepaired for some let downs too.

    I really think at your young age you should at leased give this a try before you make any big choices, you seem very with it, bright and have a good idea of what would make you feel better. We can keep on supporting you with any problems you have, just don't give up on yourself yet.
  6. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    You think you got a low paycheck?
    How about to live in Ukraine where there is no such thing as minimal pay
    and everyone pay as much as thay want, usally its around 300$ a month...
    While the prices here are the same as in Europe...
    So..? You think you got problems?..
  7. We are not here to belittle others' problems, but to support them if and how we best can. Your comment is not helpful (though I wish your circumstances were better).
  8. middleofnowhere

    middleofnowhere Well-Known Member

    I'm in kind of the same spot as Stranger. I'm 56, on disability for mental health issues (mainly depression and suicidality), and have just about used up all my resources. I don't know how it works on an hourly scale, but disability pays just over $900/month. So, yeah, I know how it feels to be in a low paying place, with a home, a wife and a daughter to support. In fact, I've lived far below poverty level all my life because I've been a pastor.

    My daughter started at Home Depot a month or so ago, and they pay well, so there are some jobs out there that pay more than minimum wage. Even so, she couldn't afford to leave home and support herself, not with rent and gas so high. As Stranger said, keep putting in applications and checking back with them. Write up a good resume that will make people notice you and will make them think about hiring you.
  9. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    Welcome Righteous!

    I'm glad you brought up the racial view of suicides, I was already aware of the generalisation that black people never kill themselves. I'm mixed race myself, white/caucasian and Turkish Cypriot mix and there's also a misconception that Turkish people don't kill themselves, I've been suicidal for years. I remember being in the hospital in 2003 after I took an overdose of painkillers and seeing a young black woman being brought in on a stretcher that had also OD'ed, she looked so miserable.

    I sympathize with your situation regarding pay, but let me tell you something, people will respect the fact that you work so much that pay will be irrelevant. I cannot work because I'm so depressed and suffer with many disorders including BDD, OCD, Agoraphobia and I gotta tell you, I even envy and look up to cleaners and MacDonald's workers. There are so many people in this world that just laze about doing nothing and scrounging off welfare and people like me that cannot work due to mental illness. Just the act of working for a living is doing better than so much of the population that don't and it's very admirable. Women will see all that and respect you for it, most will anyway and the ones that don't, aren't worth knowing.

    I hope you can realize this and find some happiness in your life. :smile:
  10. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    Seriously, its not that they think blacks don't kill themselves, everyones just convinced themselves no one kills themselves and if they do it won't be someone I know.

    Pretty much same attitude they have with cancer, "It'll never be me" sortof thing.
  11. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Thanks 4 the link. I'll check them out and see where I can go from there.
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