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another bulemic

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i just purged my food not too long ago. i wouln't neccessarally call myself bulemic, but this definatly wasn't the first time that i've done this. i did it quite a bit last year, but never frequently enough to actually be considered bulimic. i've always thought of myself as fat, but it never really affected me unless i would get really depressed.

there are days when i am just so disguisted with myself and the way i look, that i will end up starving myself for a couple of days or purge eveything that i eat. today i purged because i found out that my boyfriend is an asshole. i saw the emails he sent one of my friends, telling her that he liked her and wanted to have sex with her, and wanted to dump me for her, and he thinks she's really hot. i ended up crying shortly afterwards. he made me feel so as though i wasn't good enough, and would never be good enough, unless of course i looked more like my friend, who i know is slightly thinner then me.

i love my boyfriend so much, but i just don't know about him anymore. sometimes i think i should just dump him, but i can't. it hurts so much to love him sometimes! today i just felt like hating him. my self esteem was already low to begin with, and then he had to go and lower it so much more, that i don't even want to eat anymore, ever again. i just hate myself so much right now, for not being perfect, cuz maybe then my bf would love me. is it foolish of me to think like that?


Wow, I never would have guessed that you were this messed up at school.
I just want you to know that you can talk to anyone in our group at school if you have a problem, everybody in our group has gone throught pretty much everything that can go wrong. From me killing my father, to Sandy's rape nightmares, to Mya's pill addiction. We can help you with pretty much anything you throw at us
hey, josh, i don't appreciate being mentioned in there! anyhow, laced, why didn't you tell us what was going on? or at least me? we are always tehre for you...
hey guys thanks for the support. i'm sorry i didn't tell you guys about it. i just didn't want to burden you guys with my problems, cause i know you all have your own things to deal with. but now it's nice to know that i have you guys to help me through my problems. thanks. wow, what would i do with out my friends?
I'd just like to say Hi and I'm sorry to hear your bulemic, I'm too. But you need to ditch him and find someone else because if he does not appreciate you now and see what your worth he's just playing you and will eventually leave you so it's better for yourself to not become emotionally tied to him anymore then you are. And remeber your beautiful for who you are not what you look like. Because in 50 years you'll be the same person but look way different, and the person your with should love you for the things that are not going to change about you.


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Hey!! i dont have a pill adicction...oh wait...yeah i do...never mind...any who i havent "poped a pill" in over 72 hours!! YAY ME!!!


Take care of your teeth

bulimia causes
Enamel erosion of all teeth due to the chronic exposure to acid in vomit.

Teeth Suffering From Severe Erosion

Increase in occurrence of cavities due to excessive carbohydrate intake during binge-eating.

Dry mouth from decreased salivary flow and parotid gland dysfunction put the patient at an even higher risk for cavities.

Small, purplish-red lesions on the palate due to contact with objects used to induce vomiting.

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