Another Day ****Trigger Warning***

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    "Another Day"

    Another day here on Earth
    Dragging myself out of bed
    Fighting the urge to self harm
    Trying to keep away from the blade

    Everything I think of is the knife
    Another day craving it and hating it
    Praying for another life to begin
    Wishing I'd never begun self harm

    In a parallel life I'm happy
    Curled up with some cats in my life
    Smiling and snuggling them
    In their lives forever

    I'm lying alone on the floor
    Praying for relief from the demons
    The monsters in my head filled with hate
    Clinging on to memories to escape

    The urge gets too much at last
    Up I get and go to the drawer
    Out comes the knife and the first aid box
    In goes the knife into my skin

    There's a sudden rush at last
    And suddenly the world is all right
    I get the first aid kit and cover the wound
    I'm safe from myself at last
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.