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Another day....

I am in intense therapy for OCD. Part of the process is exposure and response prevention therapy. It is extremely difficult to face the demons that got you to where you are today. I also suffer from ptsd, anxiety and depression. This in addition to battling an autoimmune disease that is tightening my skin and causing dental issues. Seriously, is it worth fighting this battle? I guess for the sake of my wonderful husband, children and grandchild it is but really how much longer can one do this? Every day I say that if not for my family and my fear of hell I would not be here But every day it is getting more and more difficult. I really do not want to die, which I assume is how most people on this forum feel.

I look forward to going to bed .... highlight of my day. I keep hoping someday, somehow this will all change.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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I think for that kind of therapy it sounds like it might be worse before it gets better, since you have to face so many things head on. But it should be good for you in the long run. Just keep remembering your reasons for being here and take it one day at a time. *hug


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It is worth fighting for, I know you've been suffering a good deal of time now but when your issues are treated and resolved you will be glad you fought these stressful things and watch your grandchild grow up and be proud of everything you have worked so hard for in this life.

You survived another day today and this battle will be a distant memory one day that you will be proud of defeating.

I agree with @sinking_ship this type of therapy may be one that takes you a step or two back before going forward.

Please keep on fighting these demons, its hard but you are reaching out here and in real life and that will pay off.


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