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Another love and another friend lost..

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I can't understand how she did this to me. How they did this to me. She was the one who introduced me to him - we would perform live together (he's a bass player- I was singing), we got to spend so much time together getting to know each other, we even shared random hugs and he'd take his coat off him and wrap it around me when I was cold. Once, it was raining and he was all like ''Hey, give me your hand, and we'll run like crazy!" and that other time..We were sitting in the square, he was playing his guitar and I had my head on his lap...It felt like it would be the beggining of something so nice. Then...that night when he walked me home, he called out my name and I looked at him and he smiled, then grabbed my hand and joked about who was going to let go first...

All this...I wasted so many of my emotions on this..I fell in love with him...She knew I loved him too..And maybe I'm just a whiny girl right now, rumbling about this,..but I feel betrayed and like a piece of trash...

I love him so much it hurts my being...I can't let go of our memories together..How will I ever face him again, knowing that he slept with my friend...? My friend, who knew I liked him, and who, despite this, went over at his house and slept with him just like that..As if it meant nothing...And then, he even wanted them to take the whole thing seriously, but no, she said we should 'just stay friends'...as if that would change any of what she did..

Am I only good for a while, then thrown away..? Am I so useless people get bored of me...? Why did he choose her..? Why is it that everytime something nice comes into my life, someone has to take it away immediately...? I wonder what being happy feels like...


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I am also so sorry you were betrayed...our worth is not judged by the actions of others...your 'friend' did a shameful thing, and it has nothing to do with who you are...I hope she tries to make amends (not that you have to befriend her again) and knows how painful an act that was....you are still so valuable and worth so much more than them! big hugs, J


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Maybe I'm wrong but I think the biggest betrayal belongs to the guy - it's with him you shared the intimate moments, only he can betray what you shared. Very powerful emotions at stake here so... Handle with care. Hope you heal.
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