Another morning

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    The morning sun illuminates the true state of this life
    Broken dreams are shattered across my bedroom floor
    Betwixt the tear soaked tissues and the blood stained knife
    Brings the painful memories of last nights struggle to the fore
    The hope that once flowed through me has long since went away
    To even raise myself from this bed seems to require
    More fortitude than i have left on this of all days
    To go back to eternal slumber remains my desire
    A callous cachophony intrudes upon the silence
    A sonorous alarm that pulls me back from wishful thinking
    Into this world of loneliness, sadism and violence
    And a duty to which i seem to be further sinking
    To ever meet the worlds demands and remain uncowered
    To stand and face this life without a hint of breaking
    But though by nebulous despair i'm overpowered
    I rise to start another day still lost and aching
    And before I leave the deceptive safety of this bedroom
    Attired in porcelain armour to hide my true condition
    My rigid but brittle self protecting costume
    Into a world that slowly beats me into submission
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.