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I have been a watcher for a few weeks and have eventally picked up enough courage to join SF.

I am a self harmer and would like to know if any of your partners, be it gf, bf, husband, wife or other know what you do and how they took it.

:welcome: to the Forum :) I'm glad you decided to join us.
In answer to your question, I don't have a partner, but other people who found out took it in different ways. Some people were understanding, even though they wanted me to stop...and some just thought I was stupid.
Probably doesn't help, but it's the best I got.

Take care, I hope to see you around, and if you need anything just yell :) (or PM)



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First of all welcome to to the forum.
Well hun...that all depends...when my bf found out he couldn't care less because he thinks that is nothing dangerous...was a very unplesant conversation...but on the other hand I got suport from a friend who cared alot to help me get out of it so I guess you can never know, there are lots of differen't people and with that lot's of different reactions....
I know this doesn't help much but, well I guess I am just sharing my experience....

Love, Tiny
Welcome to the forum. Well not a lot of people in real life know that I did cut and am *trying* to stop now... but those that do, some of them took it well... and others just told me to 'stop it'. Basically I got the idea off them that they thought I was attention seeking.



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Thanks for your replies

I asked becuase it all came out last night . . . and now he is constinally asking if I'm OK which is annoying! and he is 'babysitting' me during the times that I would self harm:mad:

Wonder if I did the right thing? I think he thinks I am just going to 'snap' out of it, which makes it worse.


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When someone very close to me found out, at first they were angry with me. They could not understand how or why I would SH. If I even picked something up that was possible for me to use, they were immediately hovering over trying to make sure it wouldn't happen. It felt awful. Now they understand better. They still get angry at me when I do, but maybe they have that right. This probably does not help you much. I am sorry. Take care and stay safe. Better options do exist. :hug: Oh and welcome to SF. See ya around.
TDM and gentlelady have made good points. It's only natural for him to want to protect you. He thinks that by stopping you from hurting yourself, he's stopping you from hurting. Maybe he doesn't 'get' how it helps you.
If you feel like you need to SH, you could try some of the distractions in the Self Harm Forum. Maybe if you get him to do them with you to start off with, you could show him that you really are trying. And it'll make him feel better that you're willingly involving him :)
Just a thought :) I hope it all works out!
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