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Another Newbie :)

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Hey Folks.

I have been hanging out here for a while, but thought it was about time I registered :)

A bit about moi. First and foremost... I am NOT suicidal, but have been in my early youth, also my best friend Dean Killed himself some 4 years ago after suffering many years of Mental illness. As such, I thought perhaps I should come register and if nothing else, lend an ear to those who need it.

I am currently at Staffordshire University in England Studying a PhD. In Geography... Boring I know... But it makes me happy, I live with my Partner and have done so for over 3 years now. I enjoy many things from Driving, the paranormal... to Computer games, my favorite being travel. I guess to some degree, I am living proof to show that life does get better, and the problems of youth aren't always life long problems. Furthermore, I am aware of the problems of mental health through my friend Deano, sometimes it just takes someone to say... I understand and I am here. I know it made me feel better many years ago.

I cannot offer you any theories on the best way to 'do it' but I can offer friendship in abundance. I can guarantee that.

Hope to talk to some of you more :)

Sean xoxoxoxox
Hey Sean!

Welcome to SF.

I hope you get some kind of support here and if you ever need to talk catch me in chat, PM me or my msn is in my profile :wink:

Like i said in chat i love your screen name :biggrin: woot woot i was the first one to get what it said in chat :tongue: haha

Take care

Vikki x


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Hello UFO ;)

(I agree, great screen name)

Welcome to the forum.. I hope you like it here.. and thanks for the lovely offer of support and friendship to members. That's always good to hear.. but do remember to take good care of yourself too.

Anyway, i look forward to seeing you around
Jenny x
Welcome to SF Sean. I am glad you decided to join us. An ear for listening is just the thing many people need. Remember though, that we are here for you as much as you are for us. Welcome aboard. :hug:

jane doe

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welcome to the forum. I´m glad you want to help us, we really appreciate your good intentions. If you ever need any help or you want to talk with someone please feel free to pm me at any time. Thank you for being there and once again welcome!!!


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One wonders why you left your cow in a place that would allow a UFO to eat her :P

Seriosuly though, I am sorry to read about your friend Dean. You have made a generous offer, but please remember that SF can be here to support you too.

If you ever need a chat or anything, feel free to PM me

Take care
:dance: :welcome: :confetti:

Welcome to forum sweetie....I hope you like it here and find all the support and friendship you are looking for. I always enjoy seeing new people join and join in with the community here, and also, by you joining means you are still putting up a fight which is wonderful news! Hang in there hun, if you would ever like to talk my MSN is painNsiolence@hotmail.com ....

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

--All my love,
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