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Another one about my stupid mother!

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Don't get me wrong I love the old hag - but today when I was in bed, fast asleep, she comes barging into my room when she was getting ready for work.
"Have you taken my cigarettes???"
"Well they were on my bedside table now they're gone. You must of taken them. You always take them"
(Now to be fair - occasionally I do go in my mums room when she's sleeping and pinch A cigarette - but on this occasion I didn't)
"I haven't taken anything. Search me."
"I couldn't search this sesspit in a month of Sundays"

- It ended up in a screaming row. And guess what. She found her cigarettes. Under a book. On her bedside table.

Grrrrrrrrr.............. At least she came in and apoligized - I was in tears at this time.
And as a plus she phoned me and told me she'd got me some of my own.... bonus....

And it does my head in - especially at "this time of the month" I get very tearful very easily. And PUKE everywhere. Still I'm getting my tattoo hopefully on Wednesday...


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Thanks Spikey, thought I was the only one with a mother to kill over!!! :mad: :mad:

The joy of my mother is, if she can take a bad situation and make it worse and if she can make it the worst it can be then she's a satisfied woman. :mad:
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