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  1. Deleted SKU

    Deleted SKU Well-Known Member

    One more strike I beg of thee, for your sick amusement
    One more time, to show what a stubborn man can take
    Bruised and battered body, in the brutal bind of iron
    Flesh that tears and splits asunder, bones that surely break

    I just plead now that you take mercy upon my heart
    Too fragile to resist the assault to its beating walls
    Between the cracks, blood seeps into my spoiled soul
    My uncontrolled cries now heard as echoes through the halls

    But an evil that remains unspoken may as well not be
    With consequence discarded in the name of sadistic vice
    As defacing of the flesh shall surely mend in time
    And embrace the truth that scattered scars shall soon suffice

    Compared to wounds that find their way into the soul
    Untempered by the sharp judgement of mortal eyes
    Which then fester, pumping poison in to my psyche
    And from this contamination, watching as my spirit dies.

    So beat me bloody, cut me, carve me, I don't care.
    My body is no temple, just a careless cadaver
    I'll smile through tears, and beg for another strike
    No surrender to the hand that wields the dagger

    But burden me no more with spiteful shams of love
    The edges of my broken heart cut far to deep
    I pray now just for a single day of peaceful solace
    Before this sweet surrender to perpetual sleep
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  2. ThornThatNeverHeals

    ThornThatNeverHeals Well-Known Member

    This is a really beautiful poem. It captures so much pain in it, and I think it is something that alot of us here can relate to. I love poetry, and this is why.
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