Another poem devoted to my dear friend 'bubblin girl'

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  1. DrivEthermissIon

    DrivEthermissIon Banned Member

    Bumblin' girl

    I wrote a song
    For a lovely girl
    A song of mirr'rs
    And chand'lier's twirl

    It made her cry
    And be so sweet
    And in return
    Our hearts did meet

    She's often sad
    And more than hurt
    Her dreams at night
    Sol'tude gives birth

    She hides away
    Avoiding friends
    Not sure of what
    When failure sends

    But listen - try
    To know thou'rt smart
    Books no use in mind
    Only in heart

    We're writing dreams
    That never end
    Thy self-esteem
    I'll try to mend

    Dove, keep my jewels
    Deep in thy heart
    Wash all the pain
    Away like baths

    The peace that heals
    But never came
    One day I'll bring

    "What's her name?"
  2. bubblin girl

    bubblin girl Well-Known Member

    OMG sweety...u r kind like always...I love it alooot...and I love "Sol'tude gives birth" its so wise words...Amazing poem like always...thanks :)
  3. DrivEthermissIon

    DrivEthermissIon Banned Member

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