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  1. I was 13 years old;
    My best friends younger brother died.
    We were standing by the road;
    Watching the headlights as they were passing by.
    Hiding in the shadow of a bright light.
    Liston the the lullaby of screeching tires and horns.

    We used to walk home together;
    We used to share jokes, and play together;
    We used to be together everyday...
    You were here when ever I needed you.

    Now you are just a fading memory;
    I better not whisper your name,
    You're just a echo fading from ear to ear...
    I guess I can blame myself for this one.

    "Can't you just get up?"
    "This isn't a game, come on"
    I shut my senses off, and keep the world outside.

    We could hear the sirens coming down the street.
    I held your cold hand to try to warm it up.
    I could see the shock in your eyes.
    It felt like hours,

    "Every thing's going to be okay"
    you're silence is a piercing dagger.
    Now you can fly in the sky,
    Just a like a memory fading from ear to ear.
    Blowing in the wind!

    Now I have been falling for so long...

    Now I walk home by myself.
    Now jokes, and playing are pointless when theres no one.
    Now I must go on, and on,
    To just fade away,
    Falling apart.

    I just want to blow in the wind,
    I have been falling for so long,
    I walk by myself to the edge of town,

    I want the river to wash me away,
    I want the current to carry me downstream.
    Liston to the lullaby...
  2. That was truly made me cry. I really felt like I could see your soul and understand you through that beautiful poem. I guess the only reason I sort of understand is because I lost a close friend when I was 14. We used to do everything together even though my parents hated it. We would do anything for each other and now she's dead...with me no longer, and I dare not speak her name because it only brings back the painful memories of what I may have been able to do to stop her. I hope you continue to write because you are very good at it and I enjoyed reading it because I really connected to you. I'm here for you any time...Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.