Another pointless rant

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    What am I doing? It feels like I'm going mad. I can't cope. I can't do this. I really just can't anymore.
    I can't sleep at night. I don't want to do anything but drink and cut and sleep during the day. I'm drinking too much. My uncle hates me. I've got a friend moving in with me today for a while and I don't even want her there. I'm can't go to work because I'm too weak and pathetic. I can't get over the death of my Nan and the dreams. My Mum's boyfriend has just been taken into a residential home because of his Alzheimer's and I'm trying to support my Mum and I can't. My Dad lost his brother not long after I lost my Nan and I can't help him. I'm going to another funeral today to support the person I love and I don't know if I can. (And Vikki, before you answer telling me not to go-I AM COMING WITH YOU-and that's the end of it.) I feel like I can't help anyone anymore.
    I'm so tired. Tired from not sleeping last night, but more than that. I'm tired of living. I'm tired of struggling. I'm tired of fighting this shitty depression. I'm tired of being me.