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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Chickpea, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Chickpea

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    This took about 10 minutes.... no title.

    A normal day, a normal walk -
    No eventful scenes therein.
    I tread along quite lazily
    Past satiated grins.
    The Church-bell tolls the hour
    As the Sunday crowds disperse.
    But the distant sounds of laughter
    From small children sounds perverse.
    A sharp wind chills my fingers.
    I look around in fright.
    Avoiding eyes at any cost
    And trained for fight or flight.
    My feet still tread the concrete path,
    But my mind transcends the place.
    I'm racing from the demon
    Through the forest from my past.
    I didn't run back then, though.
    At least, not far enough.
    I waited and I walked with him -
    Held hands, though he was rough.
    So in my mind today I run
    Through trees and mud and dirt.
    The concrete cannot keep me
    From my oldest, darkest hurt.

    I wrote it when I was thinking of a pathway near my house that I walk through to get to town and shops etc. It always reminds me of a time when I was younger, running from a dangerous person. It always reminds me of how much I wish I had of kept on running.
  2. That was really evocative - even without the explanation (though I'm just as glad you added it). I felt wistful (also the angst) reading it, and 'liked' the juxtaposition of "Then, and "Now"...

    See? You've really got something! As I said, when the spirit moves you...even though you may revisit dark places. You're here today...
  3. Petal

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    i likes:biggrin:
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