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HI Im 25 years old and have tried to commit suicide in the past before, anyway Im currently going to school and Im getting into to telemarketing, which I hate. my boyfriend is twice my age, and we are fighting, Im even starting to hate him. I dont make engouh money so I cant leave him otherwise Im homeless. I hate my race and I dont get along with my family, Im tired of continuing to exist an a reality that I do not like.

I everything is like a grey blurry motion picture for me with distorted sound.

I dont know

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Just want to say hi i hope you can reach out to someone hun get on meds for your depression I do hope soon you can get independant of your bf and move on live your own life hugs


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Do you have any friends you can move in with?? Or maybe the dorms at your UNI?? It sounds as if you are in a terrible situation..Do you work, Or is the telemarketting your job?? Worst case senario you can move to a shelter..I just don't want you to get hurt..
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