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Another sad birthday

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Yeah so its my birthday today.... n again i m getting all those feelings of never wanting to be born. Why does this have to happen on every birthday? I feel so guilty and ahsamed of myself.. i start to remember all the shit that I have gone through in life... n i jus feel dat i wish i cud actually hav the guts to kill myself now. Wish I wasnt born.


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Sorry to hear you feel this way, i hate my birthdays too, actually all those "special days" especially birthdays and new year, they both seem to be the start of a new year and i think that's why i think about all the bad stuff on those days. Anyway, just consider it as a day as any other, maybe it's a better day tomorrow.
oh, hey I hope that your birthday could have been a happier thing for you!

do you want to talk about why you feel so guilty and ashamed?

I bet that you are a totally wonderful person but that you don't realize it. I love you and I'm glad that you were born, I just wish that you could be happier!

:hug: :hug: :hug:


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:hug: I'm sorry your birthday isn't a happy occasion...
I hate mine too...thing that happened with my Mum...still at my age I can't get past it...
I try to do something nice for myself on the day cos my counselor says I must nurture my inner child...hope you can too


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Thanx guys... :)

N may71..... deres no point in talkin bout it.... in short all i can say is ... my x boyfriend ruined my life.. he went around spreading shit bout me which r so not true! n he even created problems between me n my friends.. which is to some extent my fault. So now my friends even bought all his rumours n lies..!!! n u knw wad da worst part is .... my family means everything to me.. de r my biggest support.... but he actually made them look bad to people ! n made it look as though I said terrible things bout dem to ppl ! u knw i jus feel so guilty.. jus cuz of me ppl r going through so much shit. My friends n now my family!

On the top of dat... deres dis video dat has been spread of me n ppl r thinkin im all crazy n stuffs... n im so stupid cuz i cant even find out who made that video !!! dont hav much friends nemore. Things r jus not goin ri8... its lik as though im cursed :S


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People who judge you based on rumors aren't really friends try worry less about them. The only thing worse then being alone is being with people that aren't good for us.
Maybe you can try to talk to friends and/or family to explain some things.
I hope you can figure it out somehow.
And nobody can be cursed, we can have bad luck for a long while but all streaks come to an end so some day it'll have to be better. Just try to keep believing that.
are you in school now? you might be able to talk to someone there about the harassment that you are getting from your ex bf.

you might also be able to talk to a councilor about this

have you talked to your family?
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