Another Sad Poem

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    If walls could talk I would be so happy right now
    I would not be sitting here thinking of how this will all go down
    Made up my mind so long ago
    Just thought I would stick around long enough, to put on one more show
    Crying and screaming for all to see
    But you thought I was joking so you laughed at me
    But what you didn't know the s.o.b had already killed me
    And destroyed the beautiful girl that I once was
    One who could have been worthy of someone's love
    Now I am nothing and never was
    But that didn't keep you from giving me one last shove
    Left me alone to talk to these walls
    They were all I ever had after all
    Painted them blue the color of your eyes
    They calmed my soul and dryed my eyes
    Made me dream of a life I will never know
    Made me dream of a loving soul
    One that I could call my own
    But the blue has turned to black
    The darkness I will always know
    I gave you all I had
    It was my last show
    Now the curtains are drawn
    And I have layed down my head
    Listening to the rain reminding me of all that you said
    Now that the show is over I wish it had never begun
    Giving me hope and leaving me all alone
    Just were you found me singing my last song
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.