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Another Sandwich Gen'er ......


New Member
In my mid-40s, kids, elderly relatives, I'm also a midlife grad student with no job (this is not helping my situation) and absolutely no idea of where I'm headed ...... for the first time in my life I am not working, no options, feel like I have no purpose, just debt piled up and more piling up - if I stop school I have to pay sooner, continuing school but don't know what I'm headed for - seems like a corporate madhouse that I don't want, but it's too late to change fields or paths. All careers in the US require specialisations, we have a child in university and one will be in a few years, everyone is counting on me to "make this work" and get a high-paying job to make all of this worthwhile. Kids, school, home, sick relatives, my aimless life, and no friends that live in this country. Sorry to be whining .... just all of my friends seem to live in other countries. Makes my isolation worse. Maybe because things that most women my age seem to be interested in, I have no interest in, or I'm not at their income level. I don't say that as a judgment, I just don't have access or resources or live in areas where there are other women my age or similar interests. I hope I'm not getting myself in trouble already ......


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Sorry to hear that you are going through this

You're clearly under a lot of pressure.

Sometimes people want to brainstorm ideas about how to fix problems, other times just to let out the pain and know that someone is listening, sometimes a combination of things, or maybe even something else. Do you want to say what kind of support would help you the most right now?

Do you want to share some more details about what is going on?

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