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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by twc, May 22, 2010.

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    I never post here anymore...but I'm really fucked in the head. I've been talking to a therapist for about a year or's going nowhere so I just basically gave up. This therapist is nice enough, a bit needy, but the whole process is just not improving my life. Things are worse than ever. She didn't deal with my ideation well at all. She has lots of professional clout but I frankly don't see the end I felt like I was helping her more than the other way around.

    I am so fucking sick of therapists and therapy. I have had so many damn therapists in my life. I'm in my thirties and have seen probably 20+ since I was in college. And for what? An enormous amount of money gone and my life is utter shit. I honestly regret going to the first therapist. I didn't like how the whole thing worked at all...50-minute hours, outrageous fees, badly handled privacy, all sorts of unwritten rules and assumptions, psychobabble, etc etc. The whole power imbalance has always bothered me. I never was surprised at the least at how many people are taken advantage of by their therapists, or how many boundaries are crossed...just the idea of sticking two people alone behind closed doors with an expectation of one person being extremely vulnerable and giving up their secrets and privacy, and so much money changing hands...what the fuck do people think will happen?? I was never actually abused by a therapist, just had lots of bad experiences.

    The problem now is that I am worse off than ever, and the idea of going back to the people and institutions that supposedly "help" (but don't) is just too much. I'd rather just disappear to some anonymous place and face my fate.
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    I have the same problem. The artificially constructed buddy relationship they create with lighter tone of voice, fake laughing at jokes, and listening skills. It feels like the fake concern found on a customer support call. I release all of my feelings, and they just sit their nodding their heads. Then when they try to persuade me my mind just can't make that connection. It's like I'm immune to persuasion or something. Then they get all of my money, and for what? To analyze what I have already self-analyzed in myself. I know what my problems are, and how to fix them, but I still don't get the eureka for fixing my life they think will occur through introspective thought.
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    I know wat ur talkin about. I hav the feelin my therapist has a hidden agenda to prolong my problem with my controlling parents to keep the payments goin. Not such a unbelievable theory. I've seen about 4 therapists so far. The psychiatrists seem too busy to beat around the bush. The non psychiatrists seem willing to keep one a patient forever.
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    Thanks for the replies. I ditched the therapist. I'm doing so much better...I still have a lot of anger at the whole psych industry. It is really disgusting.

    jjjoooggg2, I agree about the psychiatrists being impersonal, and the therapists generally sucking the life out of people.

    Darksider, I know what you mean. I think I've actually felt better when talking to customer service for tech problems, and that's pretty bad!
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    I agree with all of you. I feel that every time I try to reach out my hand for help, the psychiatric system breaks three of my fingers.

    I once had a really great psychologist. She was on my side. But I have yet to meet a psychiatrist who does not make me feel like an object, a problem, a disease. Every one I have met have had this very relaxed, unconcerned lack of empathy. Worst of all is when their "techniques" shines though, and you realize that you are not talking to a person but rather a set of rules. The last one I actually asked to stop repeating the last words of everything I said. And of course he replied: "The last words of everything you said?".

    Also I sometimes have felt that they had certains theories about me, and when I said or did something that conflicted with their theories, they got sort of annoyed. One kept asking me every time if I had sleeping problems. Which I didn't. Which caused her to frown and ask again in a sort of angry way, which made me consider just admitting to sleeping problems to make her less angry with me.

    End of rant. I could go on forever.
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    in sweden over 70% of people are unsatisfied with the help from the state in matters of mental health... so its more common that they will fuck you over than help you

    all my guys and girls that treid to fix me are all just a big waste of taxmoney

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    All These Mixed Emotions, I am in Denmark, where psychiatrists are payed directly by the government, I am guessing it is the same way in Sweden. I think this is part of the problem. They have no real reason to take their patients complaints serious, we can't do anything except leave and try to get by without treatment. And it's so easy for them do dismiss any criticism, for after all we are mental patients, so the problem must be in our own head, and most of them never get to the point where they actually consider if there might be something true in it.

    And then when you feel all powerless they cleverly observe: "I sense you have a lot of anger".
  8. All these mixed emotions

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    Hehe, so true! But even the private ones will just keep you there so they get money for the "storagespace" we had alot of problems now with private healtcare (still funded with taxmoney, but privately run), taking more and more patients without doing anything at all! Like stuff couldnt get worse!