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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Wozza78, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Wozza78

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    I have dreams with recurring locations and people, but I'm pretty sure none of my dreams are the same. Could it be that there is another world beyond the one in which we live and take for granted? I like to think so. A world where we can escape the shackles of reality and truly reach our desired and full potential. Maybe this world we glimpse in our dreams is the one to which or souls travel after we die. If this is the case, then could it not also be possible that our dreams can be seen as prophetic? Those of us who have dreams that elicit feelings of health and joy are treading the right path to eternal happiness, whilst those of us who's sleep is plagued by nightmares or sorrow are being warned that we need to do something to change the way we are living.

    In my dreams, I see many of the same faces but I know that I have never met or seen these people in the waking world. Sometimes my dreams, whether good or bad are so powerful that they can determine my mood for the rest of the day. Since we live in a world where seeing is believing, could it not also be true to say that feeling is believing too? What we see creates the feelings and emotions we all share in common. When we dream, the images we see in the minds eye can be just as powerful, and can create emotions exactly the same way. If seeing and feeling are believing, then what we experience when we dream are real experiences in a real place where we interract with other people as they truly are; free.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Keep dreaming :biggrin:
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    Hey I definitely agree with you. I think when we are dreaming, we are in the astral world, where our soul goes after death. Thing is most people can't control their dreams, remember them, or know that they are dreaming when they are in the dream. Lucid dreaming is like astral travel. Are your dreams lucid? Those can be much fun :)
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