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answer to a thread i forgot the title to


stuck in place yet again
I don't remember what the thread about someone asking how to let go your suicidal feelings was called. so I'm writing it here instead. I have been managing my depression till now by talking to a friend on discord dm, a familiar feeling of wanting to kill came back due to a family conflict. so I decided i would go back to that friend again. I let it all out everything from the very beginning of how it all began to now. it almost as long as an essay but, i feel free, now the weight/ burden on my chest is gone. and incident happened yesterday no matter what my fam said and called me (it was my fault yesterday) it didn't hurt, it wasn't a numb feeling, it wasn't cold it felt like true indifference like i feel the most calmest i've ever been so ya i still don't feel depressed or sad or suicidal although there is still bit of anxiety due to college starting tomorrow but all is well i feel like im at my highest point right now. I don't think that friend knows how much it meant to me to get my complete complete story out but it feels good to be alive

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