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Anti-depresents-a step in the right direction or chemical denial?

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I was just wondering if some of you could share some opinions ans experences of anit-depresents. Good or bad in the long-term?

i've been taking Fluoxetine for a few months and questioning wether or not the stop taking them for a few reasons.

im really tired and drowsey at the moment so im not going to go into them.


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I've been taking Zoloft for around 8 yrs now and it's helped me a lot. I'd tried a couple others which didn't help me or had bothersome side effects, but Zoloft does the trick. I still get depressed, for real reasons or for no reason at all, but the depression is not so awful or long lasting as it used to be. I don't look at it as some do - as a "crutch" - but more as an "artificial leg". My brain chemicals aren't performing as they ought and the Zoloft restores my chemical and emotional balance. The tendency toward depression runs in my family so I'll probably be on it for the rest of my life - and why not? If it improves my life and my ability to deal with "life", I'd rather take it than not.

There are lots of antidepressants and anti-other problems drugs these days and many of the newer ones work a lot better or with fewer/less severe side effects, so the chance is good that you could find one to help you. It sure helps me. It helps me by making it easier to control/understand/deal with my feelings about life - mine and 'life in general'.



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I have been on Paxil and Zoloft and neither had much of an affect positive or negative. I have been taking Effexor for almost a month now, and honestly I feel worse then ever. My suicidal thoughts are more persistent and I am extremely more lethargic then ever, and have recently started intentionally hurting myself by burning myself with an unraveled red hot paperclip. I feel as if before the Effexor I didn't really have depression, I just had a negative outlook on life. Now on the Effexor I feel like I really do have depression. Point being, anti-depressants can sometimes hurt more then they help.

It is odd. I know I should probably stop the medication, but in a way I want to be miserable so I keep taking it. I am also afraid that the withdraw effects are bad with Effexor. I can't speak with my shrink for two weeks as I go to a free clinic and it takes forever to see a shrink.


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I've tried alot of different anti-depressants and many of them didn't help me much. I am taking Welbutrin now (Bupropin I think) and its been helping me quite a bit.

I think fluoxotine is meant to be more of a calm anti-depressant which could be why its making you tired and less energetic. I think you may just want to try one with a little less of that side effect. I know when I took that one I always felt tired and non energetic and extremely 'lagged out of life' if you know what I mean.

I don't think taking anti-depressants is chemical denial. It takes alot of trial and error to find one that suites you best and its a pain going through it all but if you find one that works for you then I think you will be quite pleased in the end. Don't give up on it before you start. Give it your best shot, and if you still don't like it, then go ahead and stop taking them (with a doctors supervision of course)


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If you could ask us all what meds we have taken, all the listed used meds would be named. hahah

I started with Prozac long ago. I tried Wellbtrin (upset stomach), Celexa and, Lexapro, Zoloft. Now I am on Cybalta the newest, fastest acting one. It is good, sometimes, it will just take you a long time to find the right combo for you. It has to agree with your body chemistry. Often the pdoc can use 2 meds in combo to make the depression symptoms ease even more. Talk to the doc. Persistence is the key.

Do a search using "SSRI lists" for info. Good Luck


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i dont have much experience, iv been on zoloft on two attempts now. the first time was fine, i stayed on it for a month and was feeling normal, not overly happy or down but then near the end of the month i kinda stopped, i just didnt think i needed them. big mistake as resently i went back on them but this time i was emotionally unstable and the zoloft had negative effects. i should be on a different one but afraid to cos of the zoloft. Anti-deppressents take time and sometimes trying a different ones until you find the right one is what is needed. But for the first month you should be completely honest with your therapist as they will know the signs to take you of them if they dont agree with your body. Sorry i think this is just a ramble.

i do agree with anti-depressents, it just that one anti-depressent may work for one person but the next person may need to be on a different type
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