Anti-depressant zaps

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by sunnypseudo, Apr 14, 2016.

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    I have got to guess that someone knows what I'm talking about here. I am on Cymbalta and if I forget to take them, obviously I get brain zaps. I may forget about once a month, I tend to go to bed early when I'm upset and sometimes it slips my mind. Now I want to get off the Cymbalta, but I'm not looking forward to the full body zaps that will be coming. Does anyone know how long they last after you stop taking them? 120mg for almost a year, I have recently been taking only a half dose for about a month, no zaps with that. I want to get on a smaller dosage to come off it. I can't do the sudden downs anymore and it isn't helping with pain or any other symptoms I have, rather it stopped. If its not helping I'd rather not take any of them. The zaps btw feel like momentary fainting spells in case you need a description.
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    What about asking your doctor or a pharmacist about all of this?
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    Hi there, you need to see your doctor and work on a tapering down plan. I did this with xanax. We tapered down for 5 months (cos I was on a high dose) and I got off of them with very little trouble. That's what you need to do :) Are you hoping to go onto another medication? Is the cymbalta working on your depression? I got brain zaps years ago when I started on citalopram they truly are awful but you can get through this!! (hugs)
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    Hi, sunnypseudo. I've heard of "zaps." I'm sorry you've had them.

    I agree with (SP) kcho - speak with your doctor and pharmacist. Tapering off antidepressants needs to be scheduled and monitored by a professional. Your doctor will know your weight, height, general metabolism, and more about the drug so that you can taper down safely - maybe without any zaps at all! Tapering needs to be done slowly with many of the SSRIs - I'd speak with the doctor.

    I hope it goes well for you!
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    With Duloxetine you can wean down gradually. You said you have been managing at 60mg with no brain zaps which is good. The next step will be 30mg. I don't think it comes in less than 30mg but I could be wrong so the next step after the 30mg would be off it completely. You do need to consult your doctor though because the side effects of withdrawal can be horrid.
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    Thank you for the replies. I'm currently talking with my therapist about coming off the medication. I need to see my regular physician to get it stepped down to lower dosage, I am hoping he will since the wait to see a psychiatrist is minimum three months. I can't do three more months of ups and downs. I'm facing my problems head on and its not easy. I at least feel I'm no longer in danger of doing something life threatening, not that I don't want to still or end up thinking about it more than I should. The temptations are strong, but the full freak outs don't send me down that road nearly as strongly. I don't feel out of control like I did when I first came here. Out of control I mean like I wasn't going to be able to stop myself from trying. Now the only thing that's out of control is my panic and rage. Both of which I have yet to really act on aside from sob continuously, or end up with what I prefer to call twitches, repetitive movements are hard to stop. I don't want to take anything for it though, I'd rather let everything work itself out of my system naturally and with guidance. I've been afraid though of coming off the Cymbalta because I usually already feel faint most of the time, especially after a bad episode. But since coming off it slowly will prevent that, and you guys have had good experiences with coming off, I'm a little less frightened of that now.
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    Sunnypseudo, rage and sadness are very close relatives. Where this is rage on the surface, there is usually fathomless sadness underneath, and where there is sadness on the surface, rage is often being just barely contained. Especially if trauma/loss are the cause of the feelings. Sobbing out the sadness and rage is a benign (not destructive) solution. Let it flow out and feel the feelings. Feelings are "feelings" and we don't need to put an action to them - we just need to "feel". So if the self-destructive urges come because you can't bear the sadness or anger, maybe find a way to accept that those are feelings, they will come and then settle down. If you allow yourself to feel them and then let go of them, chances are good that over time, their "power" or impact on you will lessen. Sometimes writing out and posting a rant is another non-destructive outlet for feelings. Just ideas you might consider.

    I wish you luck with tapering. I hope things go well for you.
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    Thank you Acy, I never really thought of rage and sadness to be closely related. I'm trying to let everything process out. A few times its gotten really bad, but when it was over, I still saw I'm alive, no real damage done, and over all alright for the in betweens as far as not being destructive. I've at least been trying to write it all out in the journal I have here. Everything is password protected and backed up so no one could access it so I feel safe writing it all out here. I have a hard time admitting aloud that any abuse and trauma has had any affect on me over the last 15+ years. I'm seeing now that it has, some very long term consequences. I'm not a fan of crying but I always feel better after. The hardest now is to not display anger or take it out on anyone else. I don't want to hurt anyone and it seems to be a fine line of controlling my physical reactions and suppressing everything. It hasn't been easy and I'm hoping for more coping tools from the therapist. I've been very tempted to buy a couple of books that go through abuse and healing. There is a part of me though that fears I will be doing it alone, which, shouldn't scare me. I let this mess fester, its time for me to clean it up. There is nothing more in this world that I want than to get better. In between the appointments I've been reading several articles and others who have had similar problems from psych websites. Immediately it throws me through loops of pain and rage, then sadness then I start to process and believe it. I know healing takes time, and having never let it come out before, this is going to take a while. I just have to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and things will get better. I just have a hard time being angry, it feels like such a useless emotion lol. I'm trying to let it all go, but it just seems to be in small amounts at a time.