Anti-depressants.. good or bad

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by LostWolf, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. LostWolf

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    Hi.. i'm new here.
    I was just wondering..
    In my personal experience ive been put on lexapro and ciprimil for a few years and neither had any effect.. then I was put on prozac and it had an effect in a good way for a while but then I kept collecting them and saving them up and messing with my dose and taking mini overdoses and such so eventually I took myself off it against doctors orders and after a fairly serious overdose with prozac and several other meds. I took myself off mainly to take away the temptation, even though it is a harmless enough drug, I just hated the temptation.

    The withdrawal was super nasty but im over that now I think.. but still totally miserable and thinking bad things/doing bad things etc..

    My doctors want me to go back on meds.
    I'm really against the idea for a lot of reasons but mainly because I dont want to see tablets near me ever again.

    So I am just wondering..
    is there any other med out there that is worth taking the risk?

    They recommended anti anxiety pills but isnt that just a variant of an antidepressant?

    Any advice welcomed coz I am getting cornered here. :sad:
  2. louieann34

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    For people who experienced Anxiety, I think you should try to use Essential Oils. Just defuse it on your defuser or rub it on your skin, with the aroma it provides, it sure will help you on your situation without giving you any bad side effects and also you will never see tables again near you...And another good thing in this is that you can also share this to your family...Enjoy the aroma of Essential Oils with your family together, it will help you keep the bonding of your family much closer.
  3. paranoidxe

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    Good for some, horrible for others. I think really it helps with the chemical imbalance but for others where it is a state of mind it might make them even worse.

    I have TWO friends that are on is a zombie and I don't even hang out with, another has become even more crazy and angry at the world...I don't hang out with him either..seems like I've lost two friends to these anti-depressants that are QUICKLY given out by doctors these days.
  4. theleastofthese

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    Antidepressants have helped me a great deal, and still do. If what is prescribed for you does not have the desired effect, then tell your doctor and try something else. There are many many antidepressants out there. One of them may be right for you.
  5. Ruby

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    I used to think that antidepressants would bring some great happiness.. I think they've helped me in some ways, I can manage to read/watch tv/listen to music now which I couldn't have done before. They work for some, don't work for others, it just depends.