Anti Depressants vs Nothing

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Butterfly, Jun 1, 2011.

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    I am having a little ponder. I was on citalopram 40mg and was on it for a couple off months. I was on 20mg for three months and did not feel any benefits. In fact I felt worse. My Gp has been weening me off them to try me on Fluoxetine. I was a numpty one day and took a large overdose of the citalopram and since then I have been taking nothing. I am due to start the fluoxetine on Friday but I dont know whether I want to start. I dont feel any worse than normal. Maybe slightly better. I am a little reluctant to start my new tabs cos of this. Will I start to feel worse soon or am I better off without medication??
  2. aoeu

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    It's relatively rare that the first treatment attempted for major depression is effective. Usually it takes 2 or 3 tries, because everyone responds to different antidepressants differently.

    You have to give it a try. It might help, it probably won't hurt.
  3. lightbeam

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    Is it normal to have you antidepressant to go kaput after 4 years?
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    Hey lexi hun..if you are prone to depression and are on antidepressants already then you usually end up on what they call a maintenance dose. That is where you arent ill but you are stable on the medication and functioning. In hindsight if we could we would start taking the antidepressants before the depression kicks in really bad but we dont usually get that choice. I cannot reccomend fluoxetine highly enough. I would still have been on it now if it hadnt stopped working for me. I had relatively no side effects apart from less appetite and restless legs. It has to be down to you at the end of the day hun. If you feel you dont need them then thats good. If you have the type of depression that comes back then you should definately think about it. Love always ! xxx
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    It can happen. Most studies don't follow the drugs for that long... You should really pursue therapy to manage depression while the antidepressants are still effective. You can develop coping skills that'll allow you to survive even without antidepressants.
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    Perhaps not always normal but as far as it going kaput after 4 years is something that happens, did for me. Took meds for over 4 years and was taking so much more, at least 3 times what I had started out at to get the same effect, your body adjusts to it after a while so if you've been on something for a long time can easily seeing the effects wear off. To be honest, after so many years of taking them just stopped cold turkey one day, was on 3 meds at the time, first few days were a bit rough but that's like quitting most addictions but after that I've felt just like I did taking the meds, not that it's a good feeling but they just had so little effect after being on them for so long. Try not to worry about your current situation, it's happened to me and would think many others here, like aeou said maybe it's a good thing so you can adjust to a life without meds.
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    Antidepressants are part of my core treatment, since it helps elevate my mood, which in turn tries to minimize the voices.

    However, I've been depressed for a year, so maybe it's gone kaput. I'm 20mg from the max dosage for citalopram.

    I was just wondering if they can go kaput.
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    obviously i can only speak from my own experiences with ssri's and am not urging any1 else to follow my choices regarding them, but i found them absolutely useless! over around 8 months time i was on fluoxetine, paroxetine and 2 different strengths of setraline (at different periods..) and did not feel any difference in my moods. actually i felt slightly ill from taking them which put me a bad mood (though different from being depressed), so in a way they made it worse. i suppose the only advice i could offer on this subject would be to trust yorself and your own judgement; if they help stick with it, if not then dont. but i really hope that they, or something similar, do help you :)
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    I took myself off antidepressants 6 months ago ( kind of a death wish thing) and like you, felt ''ok'' without them....for a little while

    but then Whammy!!
    the depression hit again ( as it always does with me) and I was so far down it's hard getting back up again

    I recommend you stay with your docs advice and try the fluoxetine
    good luck whatever you decide
  10. NightRain

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    Personally, I prefer nothing.
    I was on fluoxetine for a few months, and it gave me some horrible side effects.
    And I felt more depressed than before..
    Then a few months after refusing to take them my doctor tried putting me on citalopram.. I took one then decided I didn't want anymore.

    If you're not 100% sure about taking them, don't.
    There are better ways to cope.
  11. mynewusername

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    yes i agree with that fully, drugs are not always the answer
  12. gloomy

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    I HATE meds. I hate anti-depressants.

    I've had some pretty extreme anxieties that have embarrassed me and left me feeling really down but I still wouldn't go on meds for it… because I accept that it's part of what I've been given and I don't think I should change just because my anxieties or neuroses aren't socially acceptable or whatever. Society needs to change and be more accepting… I don't need to change myself to fit in.

    I'd rather be naturally depressed and deal with it myself than put those poisons in my body-- I think they make people weak and dependent and they ultimately do more harm than good.

    It's honestly amazing just how many people in the US are on something. Psychiatrists just seem to enjoy handing out pills… I guess because it keeps the drug companies profitable and funds all kinds of research into things that will make them even more profitable.
  13. aussiegal

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    I have tried so many different meds now. They seem to work for a few months then stop. Its driving me crazy. I can't imagine having none tho because I am assuming i would feel the same as what i do when they stop working?? Which is really really hard!!! Not sure what to do so back to the psychiatrist on Wednesday for yet another change i guess!