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Does anybody know if I can purchase anti-depressants off the internet. I've asked my mum if I could get them, but she just said, dont say that and got annoyed.


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Not advisable for a number of reasons... for one you don't know that they are what they say they are, could be mixed with anything. Secondly, you don't know which would be best for you.... there are many different types of anti-depressants and only a dr can know which is best suited to you and your symptoms. I'd make an appointment to see your gp and take it from there.
but it aint that easy. my mum sed no. im not old enough to simply go to the doctors and say that i want anti-depressants, i would need parents there, who my parents sed no


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I would like to say that you should not count on them as a cure-all for your depression, I don't have much faith in them myself at least, at least they can't help with my situation. Don't have too much faith in them.


take those warnings seriously no1.. it is a dangerous dangerous game to play by self prescribing medication.. you need to see a doctor or a therapist, maybe they could help educate your parents.. if you feel like you need to be on anti depressants than you probably do need to be.. but please do not without the advice of a professional..


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You could try natural anti-depressants. St. John's Wort is a popular one, and it works for many that take it. You should look up "natural anti-depressants" on google search to find out more about them.


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damn thats fucked up that you're parents are outright refusing to get you help. But yeah, like what has been said, self prescribing is risky bussiness. Especially, since some anti-deppresants have been known to make teenagers even more suicidal.
I think that if you call your doctor and explain whats going on then they can help, regardless of you're parents. I dont know that for a fact though.

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I am not sure how the dr's work either, but does your school have a counsellor or nurse that you could talk to that can step into the dr's with you and act as a spokesperson, or, maybe the social, if you contacted then, surely they can act on your behalf.


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Where do you live? there are confidential advice services that might be able to help, and there is nothing stopping you from going to see the doctor and talking to him about you depression, if you doctor feels that a course of anti-depressants is the best action, then he will write to your parents and explain his reccomendation, your mother might think you're being silly of over-dramatic, but she will more than likely take heed of a doctor's reccomendation.

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