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My GP has decided that Citalopram is doing nothing for me, so she is weaning me off them for the next 7 days and is then going to start me on something else. She hasn't said what yet. I will take a guess at Fluoxetine.

I just wanted to know which anti-depressants have been effective for any of you, so I can perhaps suggest these to my GP. :)


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hey lexxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ok so these are the ones i have tried so far
dotheipin - anti depressant and sedative ...not really that great
paroxetine- did absolutely nothing
cipralex-gave me heart flutters
fluoxetine - great but prozac burnout
lofepramine-great for severe depression
now am on sertraline its ok for anxiety but dont know about depression if you have really severe depression or bouts of it id ask for fluoxetine or lofepramine honey xxxx

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Yup wellbutrin xr works great less side effect easy to wean off it as well and it is constant more level in your system i suggest it to your doc


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It varies so much from person to person. I can just urge you to keep trying until you find one that works for you. I switched about every 3 to 6 months for 3 years before finding one that works for me. (seroquel and paxil)
Three years felt like an eternity when I wanted to die, but better late than never.

Take care.

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