Anti Depression meds or the Marine corps?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Zer0 The great, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I've been stuck in a hard question for a long time, should I just take Meds which could help me fight my depression or should I stick to my plans and join the Marines corps, It can't be both due to the damn rule of the military with depression meds.
    But I really want to get better, but I really want to join the Marines corps to do something that could make a difference. I've been wanting to join the Marines for a few years so far but while I've been wanting to join I also had my horrible depression. :(
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi in order to suceed in marine u have to be syrong mentallt get depression at bay first jusy my thoughts but then maybe joining marined will help depression to decrease I still do not understsnd why u cannot join and stay on yoir meds who would know as ypur medical records are confidential
  3. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Well.. It can help give you focus and perhaps strengthen certain things. It really depends on your type of depression tbh. I would defiantly say it's dodgy to be an active marine and on anti-depressants. It's more of a commitment to their ways, which can help you find some grounding and make you feel better. Depending.
  4. rv498

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    For most people, military is not a good fit. (I've been in six and me and most of my comrades hated being there). Therefore, joining it may actually worsen your depression, especially if you get deployed to War. If you really have to join, I'd recommend Air Force route. I think it's lot better.
  5. Takotsubo

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    because , war is hell people suffer from PTSD after going into the shit and if they see he's depressed , then he may be prone to getting PTSD or he may harm himself in some way.
  6. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    Or he may become a threat to civillians he is sent to protect.
  7. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Tbh yeah.. I was kinda veering towards being optimistic about it, but there are serious issues you need to consider. Your frame of mind and physical abilities are at the very least going to be serverly challenged. And to be honest, if you are depressed now, it shows a degree of hesitiation. Which is good, even in the marines I can imagine, but there is next to no time for hesitiation in those positions. From an outsiders point of view atleast. They will train you and stimulate you, but that's just the beginning. You're going to have to deal with situations and problems that will challenge who you are and who you choose to be. Your depression now will give you a very good insight into your mental stability in relation to a varying degrees of topics. Being a marine(again.. outsides pov) means in part being put in extremely difficult situations and having to choose(act) upon the best course of action, taking that appriopriate action, and continuing forward. More or less idk tbh, but my point is, they work under a very different lifestyle and levels of stress. You really have to be honest with yourself about why you are depressed, and eventually choose for yourself if it is appriopriate for you to enlist and join those marines in service. Marines make a difference... but they make a difference by doing things that challenge who you are in ways that can be un-doable. You have to ask yourself if you are truly capable of doing those actions, and then being able to live with it, without it eating away at you and eventually being part of a reason for any justifications that may hurt you or others.
    It's a pickle, you say horrible depression. I would suggest, talking about that first. Or.. yeah. Marines have to be consistant, in every regard. That can... screw you over if youre having trouble already inside. Orrr joining them can help you deal with problems you have. But tbh I would hesitiate considerably if you think like that. Don't join the army to "fix" yourself and your problems. It's a dangerous element to bring into the equation. (sorry for the speal of crap, just stuff to think about)
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    I've been told by Army, Navy, and Marine recruiters that they will not accept depressed recruits. My guess is that they probably don't want to give a suicidal person the opportunity to kill himself and so endanger comrades--run out into the open and just spray gunfire until shot down, thus leaving one fewer soldier to protect an outpost or convoy or something.

    Then there is the recruitment process, which is designed to break down recruits and then build them up into soldiers. Watch basic training videos of recruits and you'll see them getting insulted and intimidated and pretty much verbally abused by their superiors for even minor infractions. I remember seeing one Youtube video of some Marine recruit who was supposed to salute an officer while on some guard duty thing but forgot to, and four drill instructors immediately descended upon him and screamed and shouted in his face for a good five minutes.

    Now, I understand why basic training relies so much upon extreme negative reinforcement. A guard must not abandon his post or fall asleep or anything because doing so can endanger other men who are relying upon him to keep watch while they sleep, so getting screamed at every time he messes up in basic training will make sure that he realizes what's at stake while on a real guard duty assignment because that negative reinforcement was planted in his mind. On the same token, who could better withstand this kind of regimented mental breakdown: the confident high school jock who ruled the school and had the hottest girlfriend and the nicest car, or the severely depressed and emotionally disturbed kid whom the same jock picked on and bullied for four years?
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