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    This isn't a story, but it is a song, still I felt it would be appropriate to post here, since poems and lyrics can be quite similar. I wrote this several years ago, but still feel this way and maybe always will.

    You might not notice me in a crowded room
    You make me feel so small
    Here I am, with my usual self-induced gloom
    I'm just the awkward belle of the ball

    I'm the anti Miss America
    The antithesis of glamorous
    The epitome of pity me
    The last girl you'd consider to be beautiful

    Sure, I may get on your nerves
    Incessantly bringing myself down
    Step on me, it's time to take your turn
    You know my only smile is a frown


    I may not be the best piece of eye candy
    But I have a lot to give
    Even though I'm always coming undone
    It's taken me forever to learn to just live
    I'm so damn proud of the woman I have become
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