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    That is racist.

    This is the problem with some people today. They claim(probably true) that they are being discriminated against. So they form groups and communities to bring like minded people together and forge a path against racism. That's great...

    But you cannot use your past suffering to justify discrimination against people. The point is to resist and stop discrimination. Not create isolated bubbles, and blanket every person who is "different" than you.

    This is dumb. My head hurts. Why are people so dumb. Why....
    There are better ways of doing this . They can say "This is an event for Black and Minority Ethnic people against racism. We welcome all people, but please come only if you have a strong interest in the community" Or whatever. I hate PR stuff. But it is a language

    Dont these people get it? They represent progressive harmonies and understandings. You can't exclude people. That could mean there is some nasty Generic language going to be shed in there. "Dem white people!" Or whatever.

    Sigh... progressive and collapsing mentalities strung together through discrimination and social similarities.
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    The problem nowadays is that we've developed from the position of bigots in positions of power, trying to control the world based on their narrow minded views, to bigots who sometimes believe, and always try to make out, they are in some way persecuted. And honestly, it seems as though these people are more interested in retaining their persecution than actually doing anything at all against the sort of discrimination they claim to be against. It's a trend we see all the way across the political spectrum, from far right Christians to far left Feminists, at least across the western world with which I'm most familiar.

    It works, because people more than ever before have a distrust of power, and those who wield it. If these people had to admit that they, in fact, were the ones in the position of power (the two groups above being good examples of this, albeit in different spheres of influence), a far fewer number of people would buy the sort of hateful speech they are espousing. But pretend to be a victim, and be loudly reactive to anyone who disagrees with you, and you both get more people to rally around you, to 'protect' you, whilst strongly discouraging anyone else who might disagree with you from challenging this crap.

    The simple truth is today, in the western world at least, people are far more equal than they have ever been. Different groups of people have different issues, based on a wide variety of reasons, but no-one exclusively has, or doesn't have, issues based on their race, gender, beliefs etc. Different, but in my mind at least, equal... or at least, we should not be trying to compare them to decide who has it 'worse'. And the moment someone tries to do that, put their pain, their experiences, their struggles, beyond that of anyone else... claim not to be understood, while refusing to understand the situation of anyone who doesn't fit the same demographic characteristics they do, to exclude others whilst claiming to be excluded... simply to demand from others what they are unwilling to do themselves... I simply have no time for them.
  4. DrownedFishOnFire

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    What is considered white those days?
  5. justMe7

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    While my opinion is more or less the same....

    Let's be honest. How fucked up is this? A group of individuals feel so targeted because they are simply who they are, that they feel the only way to express themsevles freely and talk about what they have endured is to restrict who comes to their meetings.

    How terrible that people are defined before being known for who they are. How terrible people are outcasted because they are different. Either physically born different, or culturally different.

    How horrible that people see a skin colour and STILL pull from unique negative experiences, and apply it to EVERYONE who share those physicaly charactisitics.
    How TERRIBLE that people are defined simply by the country the were born in.
    How TERRIBLE that people are attacked simply because of the religion they choose to believe in. Or lack their of.

    Life eh... it's ugly. So many people have endured unique experiences at the hand of someone, and apply it to EVERYONE. Oh, someone who is white robbed you, ALL WHITE People are Theiving assholes. Someone who is black robbed you, ALL BLACK People are Theiving assholes. Someone from Pakistan abused a system, ALL PAKISTANI PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES. Some Canadian Failed, ALL CANADIANS ARE ASSHOLES. SOME COP ABUSED YOU, ALL COPS ARE ASSHOLES. SOME MALE HuRT YOU, ALL MALES ARE ANIMALS. SOME WOMEN BETRAYED YOU, ALL WOMEN ARE MALICIOUS. SOME PERSON DID SOMETHING ... all people are assholes.

    Go down the route of blinding yourself to the individuals because a certain number of people do something... and You are seeing what you want to see. The problem when you get hurt is, that you need to protect yourself. But there is a balance, a grace and degree of Smarts for protecting yourself. Be aware of the areas you are going into, perhaps it's an environmental/local social issue that is causing a certain behavior to spread rampent. But blanketing an entire "group" of people who are linked by no choice, but by simple affiliation is WRONG.

    If you want to move forward, imo it's very difficult. Because it get's more, and more and more specific. And that means you need to maintain MORE and MORE. You have to always see the good in the people who CONTINUALLY maintain and spread the good in life. And not Betray them because someone else fucked up.

    So these isolated groups are ... more comfortable for the victims. But it's a bad pro activity. They need to feel comfortable, not in a bubble like that. But reality I guess is not so kind.... so I can definitely see this being the way in some dangerous areas of the world. But it's not the best way to overcome stereotypes and cliches, and see the individuals who are being smothered beneath them.
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