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Anxiety advice please


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Hey everyone, I’ve had severe anxiety for as long as I can remember. There’s periods where it’s manageable but right now it’s very hard to manage and would like to deal how you deal with your anxiety. Physical/mental activity suggestions would be lovely


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I am sorry about your anxiety. Stress can be really hard sometimes to deal with.
Activities can help a lot with stress such as exercising and doing the things you enjoy.
If your anxiety is really bad you should try talking this with a doctor.
Hope you feel better soon.
going for walks- especially in nature areas, I spent an hour sitting by a lake yesterday and today and found it very calming for my anxiety

even just sitting in your garden/getting fresh air

listening to ASMR videos on youtube work wonders for my anxiety too

any type of exercise, makes you feel better, clears your head, and makes the physical anxiety go away/the fast heart rate from anxiety is replaced with fast heart rate from exercise

I sometimes find watching horror movies helps, cause it places my anxiety elsewhere, so rather than it being general or being about whatever the trigger is its channelled through fear of what you're watching instead. Horror movies force you to channel your anxiety elsewhere, and force you to concentrate on something else (whats happening on the screen), and it's like a release too cause when you then jump or gasp from moments in the movie its like it gets that anxiety out your system if you know what I mean

I hope you feel better soon *hug


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I shall look forward to reading all the replies here as my anxiety is often off the scale and unbearable. Thinking of you and hope you get the support needed to fight this anxiety *hug


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I use mindlefulness exercises that I learned.

Focusing on an object an describing it.

Describing how you physically feel while sitting in a chair.

List making of things, coloring.

A therapist mentioned a workshop she took about having a client think of a time that they were happy. I guess an event, or a place. Concentrate on the feelings, smells, sensations, etc.


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I'm not very good at managing my anxiety but, for what it's worth, I try to take long, slow deep breaths - it can help for a moment anyway. The other things I do are the same as everyone else - listening to music, watching tv - anything to distract myself, if I can. Or, failing that - cleaning. Sometimes I do my best cleaning when I'm anxious and it does help give me something to do with the nervous energy.

Hope some of that helped.
Physical/mental activity suggestions would be lovely
Sorry that your anxiety is so severe

Not consuming anything raw, served cold (including water), or that wasn't freshly cooked was very helpful to me in reducing anxiety. Also chewing my food very thoroughly.

The long acupressure self-massage linked in my signature might help. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine might also help.

A meditation practice could help. A member here has recommended a smart phone app called "Insight Timer", but I have never used that myself.

I hope something can help

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