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Anxiety Attacks Wont Stop

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:sad: i'm having anxiety attacks constant this afternoon and evening. feel an overwhelming sense of doom, fear that my grandma (mom for all intensive purposes) is going die and leave me behind like my dad and grandfather did. she says shes "fine" but all i feel is this overwhelming sick feeling like shes gonna be taken next. can't sleep, just keep checking on her to make sure shes okay.


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Hey.. I'm so sorry, anxiety attacks are so miserable to experience.

Maybe try talking to her about how nervous you are? I hate anxiety so much, but sometimes it seems more manageable when I talk it out with someone I trust.

hang in there!

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Hi glad you came back hun It is hard when someone we love is not well. I do hope her assurance the she is okay will help you feel less anxious.
Are you on medication hun for anxiety if not perhaps talking to your doctor about getting on some would help hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Anxiety is tough to control and miserable to live with. Anxiety can be lowered temporarily by reassurance and checking but then the need for reassurance and the need to check can become insatiable. There are many behavioral modification techniques that people with OCD use that are initially more anxiety producing but eventually effective in making anxiety much less severe.
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