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Anxiety remedy

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This may not work for some or any, but it did for me and it may sound stupid, but here it goes, otherwise I am just going to keep feeling guilty everytime I read it on someones post.

A doctor once prescribed some medicine for me, as I was getting divorced, the now ex threatened me to use that to take the children from me, so I tossed the medicine in the garbage disposal, went back to the doctor and told him, as he was thinking on what to give me I asked him a weird question, I asked him why whenever I drinked Coca cola I felt a little bit better, he smiled and told me I had just thought of a great remedy to take.

So, according to him, when you feel anxious, your body looses minerals through the pores, the more anxious and the more you try to control yourself, the more minerals you loose, it doesn't get any better, when I drinked the coca cola, the bubbles of it made out of carbon dioxide (I think that's what he said) replaced some of the minerals lost, so, believe it or not, he prescribed to me coca cola or Gatorade (I am expecting some angry replies as I have met some people that absolutely hate coca cola), well, that gave me some temporary relief, but not enough to disappear it, then I remembered as a child being amazed at sparkling water as it had way more bubbles than any soda, I tried it and the anxiety went away completely, it came back with stress or with worries, but one sip would get ridof it again, so, for two months, I had a bottle at hand to control that feeling/reflex of the body; by the way, I didn't need to open a new bottle every time, I just covered and had a sip at a time, it tastes awful the first times, but you start liking it pretty soon, there are some flavored at Costco or ralphs.

Hope it helps, let me know if it worked for you, if it didn't please don't get angry, I am just trying to help and it is an inexpensive way. :)


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Hey BornAgain!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! :) I enjoyed reading this.. never ever heard about bubbly water or Coca Cola soda bubbles being helpful!

Take care,

Mr. A


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That is something that has never worked for me, but I'm glad you find relief from it. My anxiety started when I was 17, and having a boyfriend that would go into rages and start cussing me out, caused me to have anxiety attacks, hyperventilate, and get stiff and numb all over. I've went my whole life dealing with this anxiety. But I think, 23 years later, I actually have it under control. I'd like to share what helped me too. I took alot of medications, the one that stood out from them all was Lexapro. Don't worry about your ex threatening you, tell him he can take those threats and shove them up his ass. Besides, it's none of his business the begin with. If you are a good mother, no judge is going to take your kids from you, just because you take medication for anxiety. I'm sure your ex is part to blame for that too. I was abused after my divorce and I think his main reason for wanting the kids was because he didn't want to pay child support. He never paid it, and I went to court last year and had it dropped. We get along just fine now, but that was one nasty divorce.


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Good find.

Got to be worth a go.

Plus - dehydration lowers mood - its a fact. Try not drinking all day - you will feel pretty low.

Thanks mate. :smile:


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I have never heard of this remedy for anxiety, unfortunately it has never worked for me though, thanks for sharing this in the hope it will help somebody.. :hug:


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just a slight warning: i was and still am addicted to coke - if i dont get my daily fix i get very moody and weak. also im sure its what caused diabetes. ive changed to the zero sugar kind which tastes like garbage and only use the regular kind as a pick me up when my blood sugar is low.
it will make you fat and you will pine the sugar rush. i was warned by many people beforehand but i thought better and used it as stress relief. just please be careful!!!


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My bad, I meant to recommend only the sparkling soda, not the coca cola.

Cutiepie, I am the father and the ex is their mother, I did get the custody of the children for two years as she used to abuse them physically, but I lost the custody due to the attempt, I have been fighting to get it back for almost a year now.
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