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Anxiety when people ask me to describe a memory?

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I get major anxiety when people ask me to describe memories, or what im thinking to them. I think more in feelings and visual than words, and im never sure how to convert them to something that requires less than telepathy to convey. It gets really bad with my girlfriend, so much so that I start making excuses to leave. I know I have social anxiety, but is this something different or is it related?


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Describing memories or such, can be a very intimate request, so it is no wonder you might find that difficult..maybe start by abridging them to the point you are comfortable so you can see you are accepted, and then provide more details, as you wish, to those you trust...that may build up your confidence and tolerance to these acts...J


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That is uncomfortable.... sounds like what I do when I feel "not safe" emotionally - I dissociate and it is really hard to put into words.

I agree with Sadeyes - if you try a little at a time, until you feel more comfortable. Maybe even telling her you feel uncomfortable or anxious would be a way to start feeling accepted right where you are now.

Be patient and kind to yourself - lessen the pressure, it can get better....

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for me when people ask me what I'm thinking about, I don't know what to say and I draw a blank in my mind so I can't explain it, and I started to not be able to remember things without having a headache, like its too hard to explain or remember...it could be a problem focusing + anxiety...anxiety can make you unfocused...

have you tried explaining to your girlfriend your anxiety concerning the remembering of memories and thoughts? maybe that could help?
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