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    for where this powerful force originates in my body elludes me
    before I walk, work, play or talk
    I sense it
    and when it hits me
    my mind begins to twirl
    my legs and hands become more detached from my mind

    while walking, talking, playing or working
    my mind revolves swiftly
    the love of my family rushes in a twinkle
    the stiffness of my leg is felt throughout the veins in my hands
    when I stop acting the the sudden busrst of energy retreats
    always to the hidden part of my body

    pills are modifed to control the surges
    but they never decipher it's purpose
    just like why some are rude or kind

    I know the purpose of my life is to love my children
    my living exist for them to be loved
    but the existence of surge is a mystery to me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.