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    the doc recommend that i take anxiety medication and i'm not sure if i'm ready...I know it's genetic because my mom, dad and brother are all on it. I would have to slow down on my bad habit that ironically keeps me calm half the time. I just don't know how to go about this, some ppl are telling me that it's a good thing, but others are telling me that i shouldn't go on it because it's going to make me depressed(they don't know that i'm depressed already...) so it's mixed emotions over on this side and it's driving me nuts. I need some help, some advice, anything...:unsure:
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    I don't really recall any anxiolytic medications bringing on depression (I'm not an expert by any means)

    I would be more worried about addiction and withdrawal. Most anxiety meds IE Ativan, Klonopin, Valium = All Benziodiazepines that can be habit forming.

    It really depends on if you want it or not, after all, it is your body. My experience with those meds is that they make you feel lighter, give you a slight buzz and it takes the edge of everything. I had an interview for a new highschool, and I took one Ativan and it was completely chill.

    I would take it whenever I need it, or feel a panic attack coming on. I think they might be good to have just in case. It's different from anti-depressants, but they still have some side-effects, but alot are just minor inconveniences, like dry mouth or tiredness.

    It's up to you my friend.